Monday, January 27, 2014

Really. That is what the Kanji for Japan is. Two books. 
Which is ironic because, in Japan, there are two big American imports.
The first is 7-11. It's like their Walmart. And they are EVERYWHERE. On every other street corner. Their sushi is pretty okay, but not as good as fresh. The second is Book-Off. That's right- Book Off. We are not allowed to enter book stores here. I think that rule was meant just for me. The Japanese people are REALLY big readers. They even sell book covers for all of their books. 
The food adventure for the week: last night at an appointment, I was fed raw bacon wrapped around some sort of spicy cabbage. I feel very conflicted about that. But it tasted pretty good! :D And the food hasn't made me sick (yet) so i should be fine.
My companion is super awesome! I love her so much as she inspires me all the time!
The Japanese culture has figured something out that a lot of the world is not sure about-  silence. My companion is silent often, and it frustrates me a lot because I thin something is wrong. But, no- she's fine. She's just thinking. That is very common here. I am trying to get used to that.
So, last week at Eikawia (free English class the missionaries teach at the church building) I had to explain to my students for 10 minutes that Americans usually only shower or only bathe once a day. They do not do both. Apparently that is unfathomable here. Everyone was very shocked at this notion. "Don't you get cold?!" "Um...nooo...?" They are so sweet! I love my class so much!
Here is an inspiring story for everyone. We went to a member's house named Ito Shimai. She looks about 55, which means she is about 70. (That is a fact here. I think it is so awesome! They eat rice, fish, and veggies, and ride their bikes. That is the key) And we shared with her a short message. We planned afterward to dendo (tract) her neighborhood, but during the message she felt the Spirit so strongly that she asked if she could come with us! So,m she put on her jacket and went out and talked to a bunch of people with us! Hvaing her there made such a difference! Her dendo fire inspired me so much! That's missionary work: feeling the Spirit and telling people about it.
All of you are so awesome! Please keep being cool!
Molen Shimai

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