Monday, May 18, 2015

Old things are done away- all things become new

Well, here we are.
This last week was the opposite of boring. I told my companion,"You
know, I think my last week will be a little bit quieter than usual."
SO, this week was awesome. After climbing the hill to her house
several times, our friend Miho finally finished her lessons to
prepare for baptism. And on her 29th birthday, she decided to join the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.
She taught me so much. I think she can teach everyone a lot about
life. She is a very simple lady who lives a simple life. And, even
though she has had many mountains to climb in her life, she has stayed
positive. She has taught me that every scar we have had can eventually
one day be healed. And that they do fade. But, it is only through
Christ does that happen. We have seen this woman completely understand
the Gospel (something she had NEVER heard about before) within a month
and a half. And she has every intention to endure to the end. Sister
M and I feel like we were sent here for Miho.

And then the next day...all the elders were acting weird at District
Meeting. So, I complained to Sister M ALL day about how I thought
the elders were going to throw a surprise farewell party. I even tried
using my lie detecting skills on her (didn't work. That was a waste of
3 credits) That night we had a lesson with Kanae- one of my favorite
people. We hadn't met with her for a long time, and we both went into
the lesson expecting her to drop us. She surprised us by asking us
about baptism and said she wanted to receive it. That was pretty cool!
After that we went to the third floor for game night which was.......a
surprise party! But not just ANY surprise party- a surprise birthday
party. Because, it was my birthday (not really. It was because all of
the cheap stuff was birthday themed). It was really sweet...and I
didn't know how to react.

Yesterday, we had tacos, some weird British dish, and a whole bunch of
rolls. Saying goodbye to the members was very, very hard. Saying
goodbye to everyone is hard. I don't think I can bring all of myself
home. Some of me will always be here.

I am excited about the new adventure, though. God plans things for our
lives that we would never expect.

Here in Japan, one of the most agnostic countries in the world, I have
come to to know my Savior. I have come to see my friends to discover a
God they didn't know was there. And for them to find that He was
really familiar all along.

I will continue this blog. In the words of one of my Ward Mission
Leaders, "You will be a dork." the other, "You are going to be really
weird." We will see what happens.

The Book of Mormon is true. Seriously. And by true I mean legit, real,
actually God's word, cool, never-failing, ever-helping, awesome blue
book. And I thank God for it.

See you all soon.

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's not over yet


Sorry about the big gap between emails. This one has been a long time coming.
This last week was awesome. We have been preparing with our friend,
Miho, to be baptized. She is absolutely golden. In her story, it has
been very evident that the Atonement has worked in her life. It was
wonderful to see and is cool to see her progressing. The biggest thing
she has taught me is that no scar of the heart cannot be fully healed
by the Savior.

I have been panicky about coming home. I had the privilege of going to
the Tokyo Temple a few weeks ago, And, as I walked in, I felt so much

As of right now, I am trying to stay in the moment. I had a cold this
last week and received a miraculous blessing(someone who holds the
priesthood, God's authority, says a very special prayer tp help with
healing and sometimes counsel). And God told me in that prayer,

"It's not over yet...there are still many
great things you have left to do".

I am holding onto that. :) We have seen a whole lot of miracles out
here, and I am excited to see what else happens.

Wish these were longer! The church is true, and life is awesome. Just
depends on how you look at life,

Sister Molen

May 2015 - Miho

May 2015- Planners 

This is an excerpt from an email that Sister Molen sent to her mom.  We think this is a wonderful way to represent her love for the people of Japan that she has.

It is hard to describe the condition of the hearts of the people in
Japan. Imagine living a life with no purpose, no end result, no real
motivation. They have instilled in their hearts so deeply the light of
Christ and they do not know it. The greatest hope that I have is that
God has made it this way for reasons. I think it is because if
they had a Christian background as soon as they were born they would
be taken up into heaven pretty quickly. So their big struggle in
life is not having Christianity. I think Satan works really hard on
them because he knows how good they can be. The good thing is that the
members in Japan are amazing. And God is with us.