Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Land of Dreams Continue


This is week two in the promised land called Yokosuka... and we have
seen miracle after miracle. It is cool to see God helping His children.
In reality, I become a bystander at a point.We as missionaries teach
to the best of our capacity, and then people just start their dance
with God. I am so grateful to see the Spirit touch people.

This week, one miracle happened while we were housing, We are trying to
get time finding in between working for the ward and the branch. And we
were standing on the second floor of a building, overlooking Yokosuka.

And I had a distinct feeling we needed to go to a building I saw in the
landscape. I said it but felt a little silly, because I did not know of
 God was telling me to or if I was making it up.
So after I said
something I waited to see how my companion would react. She is the
hero of the story, because when we finished our building she is the one
that said, "Why don't we go try and see?" So we went.

And it was a long way.
So we prayed and hit the numbers with names on them. No one
answered. Then, just as ee were about to leave, I looked up and saw an
old, barely see able name.
So we called it-and it was a former investigator who remembered missionaries,
the Book of Mormon, and Nephi.
She was very sweet and invited us to come back.

God does His work, even though we stumble sometimes.
I am so grateful to be here.

Everyone, please have so e fun this week!
I have learned that life
 is meant to be enjoyed-
for God made the Earth to be good.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Yokosuka, the Land of Dreams

It means flat joy. 横須賀. Cool, right?
I am not exactly what that is
supposed to mean, but I think it is something good.

First, my foot is getting better. Thanks for the concern.

I love it here! I cannot even begin to say how much I miss Machida,
 but these two areas are both polar opposites.
And awesome. I like them a lot.

 My new companion is Sister C. 
She is fiery and ready to work. And is funny.

So, right now we are helping a HUGE Naval Base ward
and a little Japanese Branch.
It is quite busy, but an adventure.

 This week we saw a lot of miracles.
But one thing that stuck out to me
was a miracle we had on the street.
We saw a sweet lady and started up a conversation.
After an intro, we asked her if she wanted to learn
about Jesus. She said yes.
We asked if she wanted to come to our
church now. She said yes.
So we did. And the Spirit was so strong!

I am so grateful for all of the chances
I have had to feel the Spirit.
God really does reach out to everyone.
We just need to want to hear it.

Hope everyone has had a great week Please keep at it.


Monday, January 12, 2015

So, this week. This has been the most hectic week of my mission.

Let me tell you about it.
First, we made it out of the apartment alive! My companion woke up
angry and said, "I am tired of being sick! I am going to get better so
we can work!" So she got better. And we did. She is literally the
toughest person I have ever met. So we went out Tuesday night! Woot!
Then we went out Wednesday. And honestly, it was one of the best
proselyting days of my mission. I truly felt the spirit and felt like
we were guided to do certain things and certain people. I've never
been so happy to be outside to work. That night we had English class.
A student asked me if I had dreams of going to Japan when I was
little. And I told him that I absolutely did not. For that I love
Japan so much now, and I was so glad that I came to be a missionary.
Then we biked home.and, as I jumped off my bike, I felt my foot hit
the ground the wrong way. I ignored it until we start walking up the
stairs. And we got inside the apartment I couldn't ignore it anymore.
It hurt very badly, and my stomach dropped.
In this mission, because of the revelation my Mission President
 received from God, if you fracture a bone at a certain point in your
mission and need surgery, you are required to go back to your hometown
with an honorable release.
And my stubborn side kicked in. Us Molens are stubborn. And I refused
to admit that possibility.
so I iced it. The next day, I needed to go to the Honbu, so I went. It
was pretty far, but My stubborn side was up. My companion said I
looked ridiculous. I talked to the amazing Sister Wada, and she told
me to talk to the doctor at Zone Conference the next day. She asked if
I could wait. I said yes. So the next day went to Takao (props to my
old area :D) and by then it was hurting pretty badly. The doctor
looked at it and said it looked like a fracture and that I should get
an X ray.
The following night was the least amount of sleep I had gotten in my
life. I laid there, terrified. And, for a brief second, I let my mind
turn home. What was waiting for me. Of course my family, who I would
love to see. Friends I would, too. Those were good. Then came school,
work, television, internet, movies, things I thought I missed. And
those things had no color to me. In my mind, clearly, those things did
 not have the color or depth of what serving the Lord does. and I
realized that, I will probably want those. But not today. I realized
there was nothing I would rather do than serve the Lord at this point
in my life. Even though I do it poorly, and loud, and with mediocre
language skills, it is what I want to do. And I was so grateful for
that knowledge.
And I learned that the Lord answers prayers, and He cares about our
desires. When the doctor pulled up the Xray and saw no breaks, I felt
so much. He then told me, "Well, you didn't break it, so just walk it
off." In essence, it had the characteristics of a fracture, but no
fracture. So he gave me special bandaids and told me to deal with it.
Which I am.
Why am I telling you this story? Because 1. i know God answers our
prayers 2. I know He chooses what is best for us and 3. If you are
contemplating serving a mission or serving in a calling, I will give
you this advice:Go for it. When I was at home, there were so many
entertainment things and other goals that I thought were the most
important things I could ever have. They had color to me. But I
promise you that if you take time and serve the Lord with everything
you have in your heart, you will soon see that those things are truly
 faded. There is no greater joy than serving the Lord.

My foot is feeling a lot better, by the way. I got my transfer call
today. I am moving to Yokosuka to serve in a Japanese branch and
English ward. And I know that is where God wants me to be. He is
letting me stay and complete my mission. I am grateful that I, my
small self, and able to witness so many miracles in people's lives.
God is truly in everyone's lives.
 I am grateful for this opportunity to serve Him.

I hope this week, all of you find opportunities to feel the joy of
serving God and others.
Love you!
Molen Shimai

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello world!
What is it like out there? I have had the supreme blessing of being
stuck in the apartment due to illness.(her companion has been sick)
And I went crazy.

At first, I was upset. I was confused on why we had to be in the
apartment for so long. (which is the WRONG way to handle it when
something doesn't go your way)

Well, now it is day ten. and I am so grateful.
I have been in an apartment with no television, no internet, and a few CDs.
I called my friends, texted my friends, called students from English
class I have never met, made cards, and then sat there.

I was confused.

Then, day three, I got hit with the idea to read the Book of Mormon.
Best idea in the world.

I do not know how many times I have read the Book of Mormon, but I do
know that it is wonderful. I had just forgotten.

Seriously, everyone should read it. We all have sincere q
心に響く言葉. Things that resonate in our hearts.
I cannot even explain the answers I have received.

Jesus Christ loves everyone. God had given us this church for our
happiness. He wants us to be happy.

May we all start the new year with joy in our hearts.