Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Land of Dreams Continue


This is week two in the promised land called Yokosuka... and we have
seen miracle after miracle. It is cool to see God helping His children.
In reality, I become a bystander at a point.We as missionaries teach
to the best of our capacity, and then people just start their dance
with God. I am so grateful to see the Spirit touch people.

This week, one miracle happened while we were housing, We are trying to
get time finding in between working for the ward and the branch. And we
were standing on the second floor of a building, overlooking Yokosuka.

And I had a distinct feeling we needed to go to a building I saw in the
landscape. I said it but felt a little silly, because I did not know of
 God was telling me to or if I was making it up.
So after I said
something I waited to see how my companion would react. She is the
hero of the story, because when we finished our building she is the one
that said, "Why don't we go try and see?" So we went.

And it was a long way.
So we prayed and hit the numbers with names on them. No one
answered. Then, just as ee were about to leave, I looked up and saw an
old, barely see able name.
So we called it-and it was a former investigator who remembered missionaries,
the Book of Mormon, and Nephi.
She was very sweet and invited us to come back.

God does His work, even though we stumble sometimes.
I am so grateful to be here.

Everyone, please have so e fun this week!
I have learned that life
 is meant to be enjoyed-
for God made the Earth to be good.


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