Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So, first: hi. (I said that this week. We got lost in a station and
were running around. We slowed down to ask her for directions, and I
said, Saisho ni, konnichi wa. She laughed for a long time. It was
So, today is our Zone Leader's last P day in the mission field, so we
are celebrating it! So, I am emailing now in the morning.
 News: I am transferring! Again! We both saw it coming, as H姉妹 is
basically a stud, so she is training someone new. I am going to Takao,
 which is much more country than Yamate. My companion is P姉妹! We
we in the MTC at the same time but in different classes! She is
hilarious! And we are opening. It is a lot of new stuff. But one thing
 H姉妹 taught me was when life come like crazy, you can either
freak out (like I usually do) or just have fun and enjoy the ride. I
will do the latter.
The only crazy thing is that we don't have an apartment wyet. So i
 will be in Yamate until
it gets approved, which should be by Sunday. Which will be
 interesting because we only have two futon and the new girl is coming
on Thursday. Party!
This week...was amazing! Met a lot of new amazing people, and we
taught a lesson to our neighbors upstairs. they have SO much faith! SO
 much! They, like basically all 日本人 here, have no knowledge of God and
are like babies! But they believe God is there and are just so
ready!They accepted the baptismal commitment, soI hope I can come back
for to see them. They are just heroes to me. I would like to be more
like them.
 Um..what else?
I love you! God is real, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday
 Saints is His true and full church just is. Trust me. It is
Love you!

Monday, March 17, 2014


So, on Monday I had a serious talk with my companion. I talked about
how bad I was a Japanese.
"You are doing fine," she said.
"No, I know I am not, I cannot speak well at all."
"You are doing fine."
"No, I am not!"
"You just stress too much about the language. Tell you what; try not
stressing about it for a few days and see what happens."
And guess what? This week was AWESOME! I just decided to accept the
fact I am not perfect at Japanese and more fully focus on my purpose.
Do you know what I found? When you are focused on what matters most,
other things fall into place. I was able to say things to people that
they needed to hear-not fancy, but good enough for them to understand
the importance of this message.
I spoke of my friends last week. We gave them Books of Mormon. And
last night one texted at about eleven at night (I always end up as the
one in charge of the phone) And she said that she has been reading it
everyday and loves it!
I taught ballet this week to a group of 40 year old women (in English)
I didn't think that talent would come up to serve others.
Finally, I will talk about our neighbors. I forget if I have mentioned
them. On our third day here (in a snow storm) we gave brownies to our
neighbors. We knocked on their door, they opened it and the first
thing they said is "We want to go to church。We want to learn about
God." So everyday afterward (except some days we would not have time)
we would go up the totally taken stairs and knock on their door. And
they would NEVER answer. it became a joke among us eventually, and we
were concerned about wasting time. We were about to stop our efforts
and say that the young girl who answer probably had a crush o  the
Elders who lived there before us (that is SO common here. Seriously.
If you need a self esteem boost, come to Japan. Because of you are
American, everyone you meet will tell you you are beautiful. ) But a
warning voice went off in my head. We needed to keep visiting them. the
voice was so strong I chose not to ignore it. So, as tough as it was,
we kept going up. And then, this last week, we did it again without
thinking too much. And they answered! We were SO shocked. They
answered with the same enthusiasm. They said they had been trying to
visit our apartment for weeks, but we were never home. but they never
gave up! They asked if they could come to church and, even though they
didn't understand most of the sacrament meeting, they asked how they
could join. They have SO much faith! They are so wonderful! I am so
glad to witness how God is touching their lives and I am so glad He
warned me so they could hear the Gospel.
In other news, we found our first cockroach in our bimio apartment.

We had Zone Pday today. We played in a beautiful park.
We keep meeting prepared people.
This church is legit.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello everyone!
This week was full of magic. And by magic, I mean wonderful wind, cool
高校せ, and sassy splits!
So, yesterday was a very blustery day. And by blustery I mean it was
freezing! But I absolutely loved it! 山手 is famous for their sakura
blossoms, which have started to appear here and there in the past few
weeks. I am very excited!
We met with some of our friends this week, who I will call 田中 and 山下!
They are the cutest High school students in the world! I love them so
much! We gave both of them the most precious thing we own (Book of
Mormon) and are inviting them to church activities.
Missionary work here is quite interesting. People here have very
little, if any knowledge, of religious things. So when we say we are
missionaries, they think of blood, crosses, and people taking their
money. Our job is to show what it actually is-and we do a lot of that
through service. And when people have friends that are members of the
church or as they get to know the missionaries better, they see a
light. And then, when we talk about the Gospel and the fact that it
makes us happy, they understand. because they see the light that is in
I went on splits to Yokosuka on Friday with Maloy姉妹! She has been out
for a few weeks, so we had a ball. (she took Captain America in the
MTC, but that is a different story.)

So, we went to go housing(I think she means tracting -hermom) for her first time. And she said she heard of a method where you praying and then go by doors until you feel one is right. So I said, "Yeah, okay". And we did. And we found a door and she said it felt right. So she knocked on it. No one was home. Then we
just did the one to the left, because we felt like we should. A
teenage boy answered the door (we were by an American Military base,
so this was in English.) And we stood there for a moment before I
left the words come out, "We are missionaries and we prayed to know
which house God wanted us to go to tonight and we felt something about
this one." Awkward pause...., "Have you ever thought about God?"
"Um, actually, yeah. I want to go to a church, but due to my situation I can't."
Maloy姉妹, "I know that God loves you. And you are literally His son.
And He wants you to be happy, so he sent us."
He was so cool! We gave Him the Book of Mormon and talked to him some
more. I wish I could know what is happening!
I know God loves absolutely everyone. Even the ones that aren't
listening for Him. He loves us all, so that is why we have the Gospel.
That is why I am His missionary.

Love you all!


Friday, March 7, 2014

This week was a good one. we had a ward barbecue on Saturday.We  ,met
a lot of peoples' friends and have started on appointments.

The Bishop of my ward is a little eccentric. He loves missionary work
and is very rough on missionaries. But for some reason, he absolutely
loves us. So we will take that.

We met the coolest less active in the world! She has back problems and
is recovering,s o she can't come to church. but she is the most
awesome person in the world. We will try to bring church to her.

I have very little time today. We tried doing some shopping in
Yokohama,  But there are so many stores we kind of exhausted
ourselves and ran out of time.

I have been very tired this past week. I think I am getting sick, and
that makes it a little difficult. Missionary work is rarely easy and
is sometimes full out exhausting. But it is so worth it.Because people
are worth it. And people need to know about God.