Monday, March 17, 2014


So, on Monday I had a serious talk with my companion. I talked about
how bad I was a Japanese.
"You are doing fine," she said.
"No, I know I am not, I cannot speak well at all."
"You are doing fine."
"No, I am not!"
"You just stress too much about the language. Tell you what; try not
stressing about it for a few days and see what happens."
And guess what? This week was AWESOME! I just decided to accept the
fact I am not perfect at Japanese and more fully focus on my purpose.
Do you know what I found? When you are focused on what matters most,
other things fall into place. I was able to say things to people that
they needed to hear-not fancy, but good enough for them to understand
the importance of this message.
I spoke of my friends last week. We gave them Books of Mormon. And
last night one texted at about eleven at night (I always end up as the
one in charge of the phone) And she said that she has been reading it
everyday and loves it!
I taught ballet this week to a group of 40 year old women (in English)
I didn't think that talent would come up to serve others.
Finally, I will talk about our neighbors. I forget if I have mentioned
them. On our third day here (in a snow storm) we gave brownies to our
neighbors. We knocked on their door, they opened it and the first
thing they said is "We want to go to church。We want to learn about
God." So everyday afterward (except some days we would not have time)
we would go up the totally taken stairs and knock on their door. And
they would NEVER answer. it became a joke among us eventually, and we
were concerned about wasting time. We were about to stop our efforts
and say that the young girl who answer probably had a crush o  the
Elders who lived there before us (that is SO common here. Seriously.
If you need a self esteem boost, come to Japan. Because of you are
American, everyone you meet will tell you you are beautiful. ) But a
warning voice went off in my head. We needed to keep visiting them. the
voice was so strong I chose not to ignore it. So, as tough as it was,
we kept going up. And then, this last week, we did it again without
thinking too much. And they answered! We were SO shocked. They
answered with the same enthusiasm. They said they had been trying to
visit our apartment for weeks, but we were never home. but they never
gave up! They asked if they could come to church and, even though they
didn't understand most of the sacrament meeting, they asked how they
could join. They have SO much faith! They are so wonderful! I am so
glad to witness how God is touching their lives and I am so glad He
warned me so they could hear the Gospel.
In other news, we found our first cockroach in our bimio apartment.

We had Zone Pday today. We played in a beautiful park.
We keep meeting prepared people.
This church is legit.

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