Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas! we did. We became super busy,
visited a lot of friends, taught them all with the Spirit (and they
felt it-we know) and were able to love as Christ does.
the next day my companion got sick.
don't worry- we have been using the thermometer correctly this time.
We are now able to leave the apartment for brief intervals, so she is
getting better. it was pretty interesting at first, though.
One thing I have though about as I have been trying to work in our
apartment, is the Book of Mormon. I love the Bible. I love Psalms
(that is my favorite) But in determining whether God is in the church
of Jesus Christ if Latter day Saints, and everything missionaries say
is true, there is only one way to truly know.
that is to read a book either translated by the power of God or made
up by a 21 year old boy.
And anyone who reads the Book of Mormon knows that the second is not possible.
i have been reading with real intent and I have felt and become
something wonderful. i find, as do others I know, that when I read it
I feel like me. more me than I have ever felt.
I hope everyone reads it. It is so powerful, so beautiful. And so true.
Please keep happy and keep strong. Sometimes I forget there are so
many things in this world to be happy about. But there really are. So
go find them! Probably you don't have to go very far.
keep awesome!
Sister Molen

Can you find her?  Hint:  Right side, center, red scarf

This is 210 missionaries for our mission conference! we watched "Meet
 the Mormons" and had a giant gift exchange and sang a lot of carols.
i got a can of root beer.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, everyone! That's right, Christmas is coming up. I

love Christmas.

In Japan, people do not really understand the meaning of

Christmas...well... at all. So we have been showing a lot of people

#HestheGift video. 
To View click this link:

              That has been helping. It has been great to think

about that that is why Christmas is here.

What I have learned on my mission is the true meaning of Christmas. It

isn't presents. It isnt even being nice to everyone. It isn't about

being cheerful.

it is hope.

Because Jesus Christ came to this Earth and performed the
special miracle called the Atonement, we are never truly alone. We
always have Him to be there to guide us. Because God loves us, He sent
Jesus Christ. So there is the hope that because God loves us as well,
there will always be good things to come. When you have grazed that
hope, it leaves a trace on your heart that can never truly fade.

And because of that Hope, we are cheerful.

Because of that Hope, we share love with our neighbors.
Because of that Hope, some people give up the money they love for other people.

I hope that everyone finds the hope that season.

Love you all! Happy Christmas!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Parable of the Thermometer

So I will send out this email with a story- and I hope it will be able
to help someone.
So I was feeling a little icky on Thursday. I had a meeting in another
area, so I ignored the feeling and went to it.
The next morning I woke up feeling awful. I was amazed at how bad I
felt. I got up and tried to exercise but it didn't do anything. I had
a spinning head, burning throat, stuffy nose and a cough. I figured it
was just a cold. So I went to the bathroom, pulled you the thermometer
which has been in the Machida apartment since before time itself and
stuck it in my mouth.
Of course, it was Celsius. And I do not know Celsius. So it comes up
37.9. I call the mission mom (Sister Wada <3) tell her the temperature
nonchalantly, and ask if I can rest for the day.
 All of a sudden she became quite upset and told me I needed to go to
the hospital. I insisted I was fine. Then she asked to speak to my
companion and asked my companion how I was. She said I just seemed
exhausted and had a cold. Then she stated, very fervently, that I
could not leave the apartment for a long time and she would call back.
So I slept all day (which helped), and it said my temperature went
down a little.
The next day I feel better. So I call Sister Wada, who is still
 demanding I got to the hospital. I tell her I am fine. She told me to
check my temperature, and I did. It was back at 38! I told her it was
38, and she told me that she would get someone from the Mission Office
to drive me to a hospital that night. I was feeling lightheaded and it
was hard to think, but I did not know I needed to go to the hospital!
So then I started to worry. What was my temperature, anyway? I
started calling the other missionaries-no one knew Celsius to
Fahrenheit, but all the Japanese missionaries ordered me to go a
Then I get a phone call at six that night.
"Molen Shimai, this is Sister Wada. I am in front of your apartment."
I was speechless. She laughed.
"I am coming in, okay?"
So I clean off a place at the table for her, and waited by the door.
She rang and I opened it.
The shock on her face made me scared.
"Sister Molen!" She then looked very confused. She put her hand on my
face. "You're not hot."
"I'm not? I didn't think so." I invited her in and we sat down.
She said. "Go check your temperature right now."
So I went into the bathroom, got the thermometer, sat down, and put it
in my mouth.
"What are you doing?!" She asked? Without waiting, she pulled the
thermometer out and inspected it. "Sister Molen, this doesn't go in
your mouth- this goes in your armpit!"
I have never been more speechless in my life. Besides the fact that I
was exhausted, couldn't think straight, I could not process that I had,
not only been misreading my temperature for two days, but had been
putting something used my dozens of sisters in my mouth.
She washed it, and asked me to check under-my armpit. I was 36.6, which
is calculated to 98.6F.
Sister Wada smiled. "Oh, I am so glad you are not dying! I was worried
that you had influenza, but it looks like a cold. You should be fine!"
She then took us out to eat.
I am not exactly sure the meaning of the parable (mainly because I am
still exhausted and nasally- but should be better soon :D) But it goes
to show that if you do not know the tools you are using, you cannot
Other than that, our friends are doing well. I really want to learn
 how to listen and love more. They are all inspirations to me. I am so
grateful for them.
Thank you everyone for being awesome. Hope you are excited for
Christmas! Just remember, Christ is the reason!

Friday, December 5, 2014

December 5, 2014

Just a quick update from Sister Molen's Mom:

Sister Molen is remaining in the Machida area this next transfer.  She is excited to continue her work there and working with her wonderful companion Sister W.   She appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers as she continues her service.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 23, 2014

Old french poem
"Come to the edge," He said.
No! We'll fall!
"Come to the edge," He said.
No! We will fall!
"Come to the edge," He said.
So we came to the edge.
And he pushed us.
And we flew.

I know that as we trust in God and put our whole trust in Him that He will deliver us. He will strengthen us. As He is helping my friends.

Love you all! Have a great week!


November 16, 2014

Hello everyone!
This week was so long I do not even know where to start. It was full
 of good things! I like some thing my brother Michael sent me, "There
 are no such things as bad days-just bad moments. You will never have a
bad day."I like that a lot. This week was full of a lot of good days.

My friends are doing well. I feel so blessed to be in Japan and to
know them. I have often wondered why someone like me-with no
connections to Japan and no understanding or immediate interest in the
 culture-would be called here. Now I am, finding that the culture has
been a part of me for a long time. And, the thought of never having
come here to meet my friends makes me so sad. I had to give up a lot
to come here. But my friends are worth it. I feel so blessed to have
seen so many miracles.

I find that, when our attitudes are faith centered, God gives us the
opportunities to see miracles. If we do not want to see them or
believe we will not, we won't.

This week we did a family history fair. Ancestors and family are
absolutely important, and it was great to be able to tell people about
 it. That is one thing no one can deny-how important families are. That
is why God gave them to us.

Oh, adventures. Studied with my friends, am glad I can see God in
their lives,went to a garden, passed out family history fliers, gave
tours explaining family history and temples, ate cold pizza, sang at a
fireside (in a VERY large group of missionaries. "I love to see the
Temple"),went on splits with a great missionary, climbed a huge hill,
and met great new people.

Wish I has more time. But I am so grateful to be here as a missionary.
Yes, sometimes times are hard, but I have absolute confidence and
testimony that God does not leave us a lone. He is with us. Because He
 loves us.

Hope you are all doing well! Would love to hear from you.
This Gospel is true. We choose what we do with our lives. And when we
choose to do right, we will see and feel the difference. And this
church is the rightest thing out here.
If i can do anything to help anyone, please let me know.


 Garden Walk

Family History Fair

Nov 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

  Latest and greatest! 
November 9, 2014

Questions from my wonderful mom:

1.  What have you learned the most so far in your mission?

     How much God is involved in people's lives. Especially in mine. I
am learning how small I am, but how great God thinks I am. And I see
how God loves people, even when they don't see Him. Like people
(paraphrasing something I heard an elder say) who have never eaten
cake before, saying cake is gross. Well, you don't know until you test
it out. Same thing with God. Of course you won't know if He is there,
unless you test it out with real intent. Then you'll know

2.  What did you have for breakfast?

     a sunny side up egg with rice. Eaten with chopsticks.

3.   If you had to say one thing to someone 
prepping for a mission
what would it be?

       read Preach My Gospel. Seriously. And pray in faith.

4.  What is one tradition you have learned in Japan you will want to continue?

       I like a lot of traditions here.

5.  How has the Savior touched your life this week?

       The word "Savior" in English makes sense, but I really never
thought about what it mean until I learned it i Japanese: 救い主.
Sukuinushi. The first two means "to rescue, to save" the second part
means, "Lord". I have seen many people rescued here. It is hard to
describe how it is to see someone when you first meet them compared to
later, when they are recognizing God's love, and following Him. There
is an intangible light burning behind their eyes, a confidence in
their step, and a linger to their smile.
That is why missionaries exist.

Something I wanted to share:
Gave a training last week. It was on the Spirit. And I was so nervous
and felt so inadequate to give a training. I don't like speaking
Japanese in front of people. And we had to do a role play lesson. Then
at the end, President Wada (mission President-pictured below) said to
the sister we were role playing to, "How do you feel?" And she broke
down sobbing. "I feel so much love." And I was like, "That was a
really bad role play lesson! I messed up so much!" But then I looked
out and saw everyone watching, and their eyes were tearing up and they
were warm and smiling. President Wada then said, "Sisters are so much
different than Elders. I do not know how you did it, but you did it.
You brought the Spirit. That is what this training was about. Great
job". We asked for criticism, and no one could bring anything
up-because somehow, in our own clumsy way, we invited the Spirit.
Sometimes we invite the Spirit in with out testimonies, but we are so
focused on our imperfections were are not able to feel or recognize

Love you all! This church is real. God is really there.

President Wada and his wife

PS this is my favorite pair of shoes. They are getting really old and
dirty. But I have to say I am proud of them (I also love them so much
I don't want to throw them away)
From November 1, 2014

1.  What is a typical dinner that you have at a member's home?

   The member's here are so kind. They always make too much food. On
Sunday we ate with some of our friends, and some of them were members.
We ate everything from pizza to octopus (which is highly underrated.)

2.  Is the weather changing? If so, how?

    The weather changes daily here. Today it is sunny and warm. But
whenever the weather suddenly drastically changes, everyone gets sick.

3.  What was the best street contact you made this week?

     Met someone who was born in Huntington Beach. "About 10 minutes
from the beach," she said. Didn't remember it though. Taught her how
to read the Book of Mormon. Gave her our information. Excited to see
what will happen!

4.  Which lesson did you teach the most this week?

      We taught a lot about Jesus Christ.

5.  What is the most common advertising sign that you see?

      I don't ride the trains much in this area, so I really don't see much.

6.  What is six feet from you right now?

     My beautiful companion :)

7.  Is there any American food you miss the most?

      Had a strawberry milkshake today. I've missed those.

8.  What is your most favorite Japanese drink?

      I love Japanese drinks. But I have to admit, I have fallen in
love with Mugicha-the drink associated with cigarette butts. When I
got sick a few months ago, that was all I craved.

9.  What was the lesson on in Relief Society today?

    On Sunday it was on the Work of Salvation. I bore my testimony on
Family History work.

10.  What is the last song you heard?

     Our ring tone- Amazing Grace

Other than that, this week has been quite good. I am learning a lot
about the Gospel as I learn with my friends-truly seeing what our
relationship with the Savior is like. It is amazing seeing the Gospel
change people. I am seeing it. It is breathtaking.

Sometimes when we are changed by the Gospel (Christ's teachings and
His Atonement) we cannot see it, but other people most certainly can.

The Book of Mormon is truly what makes or breaks a testimony. If
someone reads it, their testimony tends to grow very quickly. If they
don't, it doesn't make that much change.

Love you all! Sorry it is short! Please know that life is meant to be fun!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello world!
Hope everyone has had a fun week! That reminds me of a quote from the
beginning of my mission, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to be
enjoyed. If you are not having fun, you are probably not doing it
right." I don't know if all things can be absolute fun, but I do think
most things can be.
In order to do my post this week, I will use a list of questions that
 my Mom sent. (This is like the last one)

1. Where is your comp from?

 Sister W is from St. George, Utah. And she strongly dislikes the cold.

2. Who was the most inspirational person you meet this week?

I can't pick most. I would say one is one of my friends named Uchida.
She has been through a lot, but still holds hope and faith. I see how
God is helping her, and I am amazed at who she is and who she is

3. If you did, what was the most memorable street contact you had this week?

One today. Well, two. We met two older ladies in the park and we
testified boldly. They felt the Spirit, I could feel it, and they
could feel it.

4. What was the most American thing you saw this week?

A missionary that just came from America broke out a container of Ice
Breakers. i forgot those existed. They were fruit punch flavored. That
was even stranger.

5. What was the opening song in Sacrament Meeting yesterday?

 Like many songs used in church meetings in Japan, it is one in the
English Hymnbook I have maybe heard only once. they love it here,
though. I do not remember the name, though. i will get the one next

6. How many people attended English class this week?

About 25.

7. What was a new thing you ate this week?

A persimmon(?) I blended it in a green smoothie. The taste was really
strong. It was pretty good.

8. What was a new thing you drank this week?

A persimmon? It was in the smoothie.

9. What scripture stood out for you this week?

1 And now it came to pass that according to our record, and we know
our record to be true, for behold, it was a just man who did keep the
record--for he truly did many miracles in the name of Jesus; and there
was not any man who could do a miracle in the name of Jesus save he
were cleansed every whit from his iniquity--
3 Nephi 8:1

In order to, as missionaries, have God work miracles through us, we
need to be clean.

10. Who could we pray for to help with your missionary effort?

Please pray for missionaries worldwide. If anything particular, please
 pray that people we are working with will recognize the Spirit

This church is true. No doubt about it. Sometimes we go through
 chnages in our lives. At first, they may seem hard, but I am glad to
know that God is thinking a few steps ahead of us, and He will lead us
to the promised land.

And it came to pass that the Lord commanded them that they should go
forth into the wilderness, yea, into that quarter where there never
had man been. And it came to pass that the Lord did go before them,
and did talk with them as he stood in a cloud, and gave directions
whither they should travel.
Ether 2:5

Ai shite imasu.
Sister Molen

Monday, October 20, 2014

So as to answer everyone's questions and to let everyone what is going on this week, I will answer some questions that my Mom sent me.
I will first say today was transfer call day! We received the call....and I am staying! Woot! Two transfers in one area. I truly love this area, and am grateful for the opportunity to stay. My new companion is Sister W! I knew her in the MTC, and am excited to work with her again. I will miss Sister J lot. She and I are basically the same person- which is very strange to say. She is a better missionary than me, though.

What did you do this week for the first time?
-I translated an entire meeting from Japanese to English to my friend from the Philippines. It was one of the most humbling expreiences I have ever had. I realized how much I do not know. But I found that all I could do is my best. And I was surprised how grateful she was to me. 

What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

We are required to practice lessons in our mission in our apartment a certain number of times each week. And we were doing one very late at night (very late=10pm). One person is the investigator and one is a missionary. And we started and went for about a minute just smiling and greeting each other and nodding-until we realized BOTH of us were pretending to be the person taught. That was pretty hilarious.

What did you see this week for the first time?

I saw my friend come to church for the first time. I saw the utter faith and joy in her expression.

Did you see any animals this week?

Just tailess cats. They roam the streets here in Japan

What scripture did you use the most this week?
2 Nephi 28: 30 https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/2-ne/28?lang=eng

How many times did it rain?
We had a typhoon! But I slept through it. Then it never rained again.

Did you see a miracle this week?
Yes. I saw many miracles. I watched my friends' faces as the Gospel became clear unto them. I watched as God worked in the hearts of people and in the hearts of my friends.

If you could sum up this week up with one word what would it be?

Love you all! This is a great work I am involved in. The more I work, the more I realize how much the Lord does. I am excited for this new adventure.
I am also seeing that as we give ourselves to the Lord, we can do His work. It is only when we give ourselves.
Love you all!

From October 12, 2014


it has been a while since I have written a big letter. Sorry that it
has taken so long. But thank you for always being patient!
Yes, among all of the typhoon 台風 here, we are still alive and happily
doing missionary work! I am grateful for all of the opportunities we
have to serve here.
As we continue to teach our friends about Jesus Christ and how He can
heal them, it reminds me of our mission theme. I didn't really think
about it too much. But I find that I love it.

Obedience is the Price.
 Faith is the Power.
Love is the motive
The Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason

 This week we had a very powerful lesson with a friend. And I will now
expound what missionaries are taught in the MTC. You ready? It is this

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Konnichi wa!

"Machida" means "town field". It should mean a lot of hills.
Literally, there is very little flat regions here.

Like this past week. it was crazy, running around and trying to prep
for the move and new responsibility. But now that I am here, i think I
will like it. I will miss Yokota a whole lot, but I know God has
 purposes for us here.

 My companion is wonderful. She is also very small, bht is very
 spunky and very bold. We have been able to teach here with the Spirit.
As for Japanese... I have forgotten a lot of it. And I can either
choose to let that get me down and not improve, or I could just
 relearn it. I will do that. Because the people that live around me are
worth it. And I know that, if I try to be the best vessel for the Lord
I can be, He will use me.

God will be our light in the wilderness. He will help us when no one
 else will. I firmly believe that.

I should have more of a report next week.

Love you all!


 My last district.. and a representation of me and my companion right now:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick Update

Time was short for an update blog entry so here is the latest:

Sister Molen is on the move again!!!  :-)
She is being transferred to the Machida 1st Ward
Speaking Japanese again :-)
And the adventures continue....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

This was a post Sister Molen posted this last weekend:

It has been a little rainy lately here in Fussa. Last night, we got soaked! That keeps happening.
But, it reminded me: In life, we don't always get to choose our storms. I know that I am fortunate, because some other people's storms have been bigger than mine. But when we stand in the middle of storms, they feel big.
I am grateful to know that, even though I might not pick my storms, I can pick my reactions to them. And, for me, it is through Jesus Christ, my Savior and friend, that I can make it through the storms- big and small. And, not just endure them, but to dance in them!
Because, just because it is raining, doesn't mean we can't be happy.
Let's choose to be happy today!

Well, hello world!
This week has been amazing. I have learned an awful lot in the past week.dancing
Mainly because I caught a cold.
And that drove me crazy! So I kept trying to work hard and work
through it (which I am sure is something my mom is not happy to hear).
And I figured that, even though I had a cold, I could survive.
Then, one day as I was laying in my futon, our wonderful Mission Mom
(Sister Wada) called. And she told me the most beautiful thing.
"Sister Molen," she said, after quoting Exodus 40:34-48, "Sometimes
the Lord gives us opportunities to slow down and rest- and those are
times He can give us inspiration. Sometimes we move so fast and try to
get so many things done, that we do not take time to breathe and relax.
So I would take this time you have and really make it sacred. Really
try to listen for the Lord".
So, Sister Wada is pretty much completely amazing. She is very
inspiring, and every single missionary I've met has stories about how
she expressed her love specifically to them in several ways.
So BECAUSE I rested, and took time to breathe, I am now doing a lot
better. And I am going to make sure I take more time to listen to God-
because when I slowed down, I could hear Him a lot clearer.
Some other adventures for the week: went on splits with my Sister
Training Leader. She is a wonderful example to me- she is also
British. But, more importantly than that cool fact, I saw how much she
loves other people around her. That inspired me and made me want to do
Also, it is becoming bearable weather here. I loved the heat when it
was here (it was like a wave of stickiness when you walked outside. It
is hard to describe to people who have never felt it) but now that it
is getting a lot cooler, I am enjoying that quite a bit.
The Lord is blessing SO MANY people here! It is amazing! We are quite
busy in a wonderful way. It is great to see God touch people and to
change their lives.
But, I have also found when I have slowed down and taken time to let
myself become still, I have been able to see the miracles of God more
This church is God's church. It is meant for everyone (yes, everyone)It
can make you happy.
Well, off to have fun!
Praying for you all.

Monday, August 25, 2014

 Long time now see!
i am sorry i have not been able to send out an official email to
everyone in the past couple of weeks. This is the first P-day
(preparation day) that I have been able to spend good time emailing in
quite a while.
I want to start off by saying I love being a missionary. I think
everyone would enjoy being a missionary, and I hope everyone who was
one reflects on their experiences often.
This area has been quite difficult in many aspects (simply because we
 cannot openly proselyte on Base) but it has reminded me of how much
God is in charge of our lives. I know He's there and I am watching
Him, through no real effort of our own, lead those who want to hear
about the church to us.
We have met many wonderful friends here, and I am so grateful for the
opportunity to serve here.
Never mind the bugs.
The bugs here are....well, insane. The worst is the cicada, which is
called semi in Japanese. It is so... Ugh. Because you rarely see them.
You just walk by trees and you hear this rumble of bugs and their high
pitched chirping going faster and faster...sometimes I wonder if I
will survive being here. None have dive-bombed me yet, bug the Elders
get hit quite frequently.
I am trying to find an object lesson to relate semi to a Gospel
Principle...hm....one day I'll find one...until then, if you feel
brave, please google them.
I have had a lot of great experiences this past week, but there are
two specific ones I would like to share with all of you.
One: We were in a lesson with one of our new friends, who is Chinese.
i cannot even begin to express the amount of love I feel for this
person who i have just met. We are excited to teach her, and she
 really wants to learn. We have to work through a translator to speak
with her, but that is okay. Yesterday we taught her about Jesus Christ
(because she literally knew nothing about Him. She thought, because
there were two names, that it was two people) and we briefly explained
 who He is and why He is the most Wonderful person on the planet. When
we were done, she leaned back and, as simply as possible, said, "Well,
if Jesus loves me like that, then i will love Him." We asked is she
beloeved in Jesus, and, after hearing about His life, said, "Yes, I
do. I think He's real." Her simple faith is so beautiful. I wish I,
and others, could also have such pure, childlike faith. I have found
 on my mission that having faith like that is refreshing. It is not
for the simple minded, or the dumb. It is a faith that we find after
having run around in psychological circles, trying to find another
answer-any answer, from that which is so simple. I do not know why we
do that-try to make things more complicated than they need to be, but
I find that, after I run a mental track of complicated notions for long
enough, I find myself back at the origin the simple answer I knew all
along- that I believe.
Second: This week i went to a meeting where our mission President
spoke. I love my mission President. He is one of the best examples of
me of a person who loves the Gospel and has fun in living it. I have
learned a lot from Him. And, ask he spoke about his conversion story,
I finally made a connection. He spoke about being a quiet teenager who
met missionaries on the street, and, I connected it. There is a
stereotype of quiet Japanese teenage boys- we see them everyday. And
they act quiet and scared of...well, a lot of people. And. I realized
my mission president was one of those little boys who met the
missionaries. He was one of the quiet, nerdy boys who we see dauily.
And then i watched my mission president bear powerful testimony on the
Book of Mormon in a language that is not his native, speaking of
things that he knew. I suddenly saw all of those High School students
on the street as future President Wadas. People who believe in the.
Gospel so much and are strengthen by Jesus Christ.
Sometimes when we see people, we only see them in their current state,
not as who they could be. I hope I can, and i hope all of you cn, see
people this week not as how they are but how they can be. And maybe,
we will trest those people a little bit differently.
This. Gospel is true. This church is real. God loves you. Just read
 the Book of Mormon, people. Let it flow through you.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello to all

Sister Molen has been so busy that she has been unable to send us an email to include on this blog.
I have accumalated random thoughts from her emails to family to bring everyone up to date.
Summary, she has been on the move again and has found yet another great adventure waiting for her.

July 28, 2014

Well, I am transferring.
And I am in LOVE with Kawasaki. I really do not want to leave. But,
yesterday at church, I was sitting in sacrament meeting, and I had the
strangest feeling I would be leaving. And I had peace.
So when the call came, I was not too surprised. I WAS shocked that my
companion was also transferring out. I will miss the people here more
than I can say, but I know this will be good for us.
So I'm transferring.
That's not the weird part.
I am going to a place called Yokota, andI will be serving an only
English speaking mission. (well, as much as you can get in Japan) I
will be serving in a military ward, and I am to help people by finding
them, teaching them, and preparing them to be baptized ONLY in
 That is a very interesting principle. To be honest, I am not quite sure
how to do that. I will still talk to everyone I see about the church,
but I will be focusing on speaking English.
My companion is going to Odawara-one of the most beautiful places I
 have ever seen. I will miss Sister R a whole lot, but I know her
new companions, and they will help her out a lot.
 So when I received the information regarding my transfer call, i was
told to go, to build up this English ward, and to "work like crazy".
I can do that.
In other news, we had a Music Festival this weekend. it was so much
fun! Mt friends were able to feel the Spirit very strongly and I
watched them grow.
 Kawasaki is growing. I am so happy. I hope and pray all will go well here.
Well, off to packing (again.) I find that packing gets easier, but
leaving does not. It is one thing to fold up shirts you wear all day
and another to tuck away your life and move forward to another one.
But I know I will never truly leave the people here. i hope to stay in
contact with them for a long time. A part of me will remain in
I know this is what God wants me to do. This is His plan. As much as I
want to say this is my mission, i know it is not. This is God's
mission. I am grateful for it.
And I feel very strongly there are reasons He wants me to serve in Yokota.
 So I will go. And I am absolutely
excited! :D
This was an interesting entry. But I am so grateful to be a missionary.
I hope you are all doing well.

August 4, 2014

I am assigned to a military ward, and I am asked to bring people to church. Missionaries used to be in charge of both the Japanese and English ward, but this is the first transfer they are splitting the two-so I am only with the English speakers. And we are not allowed to proselyte on base. We cannot even wear our nametags. So all work will be through members. 

August 11, 2014

I am doing good. :) I have forgotten a lot of American table manners, though, so it is interesting to eat with them. There is a golden investigator here who is only waiting to turn 18 to be baptized. And we met her Mom today and was able to build a great relationship with her.
We are having an adventure on base, too. We ate dinner with a member whose friend wants to learn about church. So we will be praying for them.

August 18, 2014

God has us here for a reason.  I am determined to try must best to follow Him.  I am over my half way point now.  That is weird but I am trying my best. The Book of Mormon is true, so everything will work out fine.  Japanese class went very well, our ward is very good and we have a busy schedule this week.  My companion is awesome, and this work is true.
The Work is not only great but good. Praying for all of you!!