Monday, October 20, 2014

So as to answer everyone's questions and to let everyone what is going on this week, I will answer some questions that my Mom sent me.
I will first say today was transfer call day! We received the call....and I am staying! Woot! Two transfers in one area. I truly love this area, and am grateful for the opportunity to stay. My new companion is Sister W! I knew her in the MTC, and am excited to work with her again. I will miss Sister J lot. She and I are basically the same person- which is very strange to say. She is a better missionary than me, though.

What did you do this week for the first time?
-I translated an entire meeting from Japanese to English to my friend from the Philippines. It was one of the most humbling expreiences I have ever had. I realized how much I do not know. But I found that all I could do is my best. And I was surprised how grateful she was to me. 

What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

We are required to practice lessons in our mission in our apartment a certain number of times each week. And we were doing one very late at night (very late=10pm). One person is the investigator and one is a missionary. And we started and went for about a minute just smiling and greeting each other and nodding-until we realized BOTH of us were pretending to be the person taught. That was pretty hilarious.

What did you see this week for the first time?

I saw my friend come to church for the first time. I saw the utter faith and joy in her expression.

Did you see any animals this week?

Just tailess cats. They roam the streets here in Japan

What scripture did you use the most this week?
2 Nephi 28: 30

How many times did it rain?
We had a typhoon! But I slept through it. Then it never rained again.

Did you see a miracle this week?
Yes. I saw many miracles. I watched my friends' faces as the Gospel became clear unto them. I watched as God worked in the hearts of people and in the hearts of my friends.

If you could sum up this week up with one word what would it be?

Love you all! This is a great work I am involved in. The more I work, the more I realize how much the Lord does. I am excited for this new adventure.
I am also seeing that as we give ourselves to the Lord, we can do His work. It is only when we give ourselves.
Love you all!

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