Monday, October 20, 2014

From October 12, 2014


it has been a while since I have written a big letter. Sorry that it
has taken so long. But thank you for always being patient!
Yes, among all of the typhoon 台風 here, we are still alive and happily
doing missionary work! I am grateful for all of the opportunities we
have to serve here.
As we continue to teach our friends about Jesus Christ and how He can
heal them, it reminds me of our mission theme. I didn't really think
about it too much. But I find that I love it.

Obedience is the Price.
 Faith is the Power.
Love is the motive
The Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason

 This week we had a very powerful lesson with a friend. And I will now
expound what missionaries are taught in the MTC. You ready? It is this

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