Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Konnichi wa!

"Machida" means "town field". It should mean a lot of hills.
Literally, there is very little flat regions here.

Like this past week. it was crazy, running around and trying to prep
for the move and new responsibility. But now that I am here, i think I
will like it. I will miss Yokota a whole lot, but I know God has
 purposes for us here.

 My companion is wonderful. She is also very small, bht is very
 spunky and very bold. We have been able to teach here with the Spirit.
As for Japanese... I have forgotten a lot of it. And I can either
choose to let that get me down and not improve, or I could just
 relearn it. I will do that. Because the people that live around me are
worth it. And I know that, if I try to be the best vessel for the Lord
I can be, He will use me.

God will be our light in the wilderness. He will help us when no one
 else will. I firmly believe that.

I should have more of a report next week.

Love you all!


 My last district.. and a representation of me and my companion right now:

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