Sunday, September 7, 2014

Well, hello world!
This week has been amazing. I have learned an awful lot in the past week.dancing
Mainly because I caught a cold.
And that drove me crazy! So I kept trying to work hard and work
through it (which I am sure is something my mom is not happy to hear).
And I figured that, even though I had a cold, I could survive.
Then, one day as I was laying in my futon, our wonderful Mission Mom
(Sister Wada) called. And she told me the most beautiful thing.
"Sister Molen," she said, after quoting Exodus 40:34-48, "Sometimes
the Lord gives us opportunities to slow down and rest- and those are
times He can give us inspiration. Sometimes we move so fast and try to
get so many things done, that we do not take time to breathe and relax.
So I would take this time you have and really make it sacred. Really
try to listen for the Lord".
So, Sister Wada is pretty much completely amazing. She is very
inspiring, and every single missionary I've met has stories about how
she expressed her love specifically to them in several ways.
So BECAUSE I rested, and took time to breathe, I am now doing a lot
better. And I am going to make sure I take more time to listen to God-
because when I slowed down, I could hear Him a lot clearer.
Some other adventures for the week: went on splits with my Sister
Training Leader. She is a wonderful example to me- she is also
British. But, more importantly than that cool fact, I saw how much she
loves other people around her. That inspired me and made me want to do
Also, it is becoming bearable weather here. I loved the heat when it
was here (it was like a wave of stickiness when you walked outside. It
is hard to describe to people who have never felt it) but now that it
is getting a lot cooler, I am enjoying that quite a bit.
The Lord is blessing SO MANY people here! It is amazing! We are quite
busy in a wonderful way. It is great to see God touch people and to
change their lives.
But, I have also found when I have slowed down and taken time to let
myself become still, I have been able to see the miracles of God more
This church is God's church. It is meant for everyone (yes, everyone)It
can make you happy.
Well, off to have fun!
Praying for you all.

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