Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, everyone! That's right, Christmas is coming up. I

love Christmas.

In Japan, people do not really understand the meaning of

Christmas...well... at all. So we have been showing a lot of people

#HestheGift video. 
To View click this link:

              That has been helping. It has been great to think

about that that is why Christmas is here.

What I have learned on my mission is the true meaning of Christmas. It

isn't presents. It isnt even being nice to everyone. It isn't about

being cheerful.

it is hope.

Because Jesus Christ came to this Earth and performed the
special miracle called the Atonement, we are never truly alone. We
always have Him to be there to guide us. Because God loves us, He sent
Jesus Christ. So there is the hope that because God loves us as well,
there will always be good things to come. When you have grazed that
hope, it leaves a trace on your heart that can never truly fade.

And because of that Hope, we are cheerful.

Because of that Hope, we share love with our neighbors.
Because of that Hope, some people give up the money they love for other people.

I hope that everyone finds the hope that season.

Love you all! Happy Christmas!


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