Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas! we did. We became super busy,
visited a lot of friends, taught them all with the Spirit (and they
felt it-we know) and were able to love as Christ does.
the next day my companion got sick.
don't worry- we have been using the thermometer correctly this time.
We are now able to leave the apartment for brief intervals, so she is
getting better. it was pretty interesting at first, though.
One thing I have though about as I have been trying to work in our
apartment, is the Book of Mormon. I love the Bible. I love Psalms
(that is my favorite) But in determining whether God is in the church
of Jesus Christ if Latter day Saints, and everything missionaries say
is true, there is only one way to truly know.
that is to read a book either translated by the power of God or made
up by a 21 year old boy.
And anyone who reads the Book of Mormon knows that the second is not possible.
i have been reading with real intent and I have felt and become
something wonderful. i find, as do others I know, that when I read it
I feel like me. more me than I have ever felt.
I hope everyone reads it. It is so powerful, so beautiful. And so true.
Please keep happy and keep strong. Sometimes I forget there are so
many things in this world to be happy about. But there really are. So
go find them! Probably you don't have to go very far.
keep awesome!
Sister Molen

Can you find her?  Hint:  Right side, center, red scarf

This is 210 missionaries for our mission conference! we watched "Meet
 the Mormons" and had a giant gift exchange and sang a lot of carols.
i got a can of root beer.

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