Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Parable of the Thermometer

So I will send out this email with a story- and I hope it will be able
to help someone.
So I was feeling a little icky on Thursday. I had a meeting in another
area, so I ignored the feeling and went to it.
The next morning I woke up feeling awful. I was amazed at how bad I
felt. I got up and tried to exercise but it didn't do anything. I had
a spinning head, burning throat, stuffy nose and a cough. I figured it
was just a cold. So I went to the bathroom, pulled you the thermometer
which has been in the Machida apartment since before time itself and
stuck it in my mouth.
Of course, it was Celsius. And I do not know Celsius. So it comes up
37.9. I call the mission mom (Sister Wada <3) tell her the temperature
nonchalantly, and ask if I can rest for the day.
 All of a sudden she became quite upset and told me I needed to go to
the hospital. I insisted I was fine. Then she asked to speak to my
companion and asked my companion how I was. She said I just seemed
exhausted and had a cold. Then she stated, very fervently, that I
could not leave the apartment for a long time and she would call back.
So I slept all day (which helped), and it said my temperature went
down a little.
The next day I feel better. So I call Sister Wada, who is still
 demanding I got to the hospital. I tell her I am fine. She told me to
check my temperature, and I did. It was back at 38! I told her it was
38, and she told me that she would get someone from the Mission Office
to drive me to a hospital that night. I was feeling lightheaded and it
was hard to think, but I did not know I needed to go to the hospital!
So then I started to worry. What was my temperature, anyway? I
started calling the other missionaries-no one knew Celsius to
Fahrenheit, but all the Japanese missionaries ordered me to go a
Then I get a phone call at six that night.
"Molen Shimai, this is Sister Wada. I am in front of your apartment."
I was speechless. She laughed.
"I am coming in, okay?"
So I clean off a place at the table for her, and waited by the door.
She rang and I opened it.
The shock on her face made me scared.
"Sister Molen!" She then looked very confused. She put her hand on my
face. "You're not hot."
"I'm not? I didn't think so." I invited her in and we sat down.
She said. "Go check your temperature right now."
So I went into the bathroom, got the thermometer, sat down, and put it
in my mouth.
"What are you doing?!" She asked? Without waiting, she pulled the
thermometer out and inspected it. "Sister Molen, this doesn't go in
your mouth- this goes in your armpit!"
I have never been more speechless in my life. Besides the fact that I
was exhausted, couldn't think straight, I could not process that I had,
not only been misreading my temperature for two days, but had been
putting something used my dozens of sisters in my mouth.
She washed it, and asked me to check under-my armpit. I was 36.6, which
is calculated to 98.6F.
Sister Wada smiled. "Oh, I am so glad you are not dying! I was worried
that you had influenza, but it looks like a cold. You should be fine!"
She then took us out to eat.
I am not exactly sure the meaning of the parable (mainly because I am
still exhausted and nasally- but should be better soon :D) But it goes
to show that if you do not know the tools you are using, you cannot
Other than that, our friends are doing well. I really want to learn
 how to listen and love more. They are all inspirations to me. I am so
grateful for them.
Thank you everyone for being awesome. Hope you are excited for
Christmas! Just remember, Christ is the reason!

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