Monday, November 10, 2014

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November 9, 2014

Questions from my wonderful mom:

1.  What have you learned the most so far in your mission?

     How much God is involved in people's lives. Especially in mine. I
am learning how small I am, but how great God thinks I am. And I see
how God loves people, even when they don't see Him. Like people
(paraphrasing something I heard an elder say) who have never eaten
cake before, saying cake is gross. Well, you don't know until you test
it out. Same thing with God. Of course you won't know if He is there,
unless you test it out with real intent. Then you'll know

2.  What did you have for breakfast?

     a sunny side up egg with rice. Eaten with chopsticks.

3.   If you had to say one thing to someone 
prepping for a mission
what would it be?

       read Preach My Gospel. Seriously. And pray in faith.

4.  What is one tradition you have learned in Japan you will want to continue?

       I like a lot of traditions here.

5.  How has the Savior touched your life this week?

       The word "Savior" in English makes sense, but I really never
thought about what it mean until I learned it i Japanese: 救い主.
Sukuinushi. The first two means "to rescue, to save" the second part
means, "Lord". I have seen many people rescued here. It is hard to
describe how it is to see someone when you first meet them compared to
later, when they are recognizing God's love, and following Him. There
is an intangible light burning behind their eyes, a confidence in
their step, and a linger to their smile.
That is why missionaries exist.

Something I wanted to share:
Gave a training last week. It was on the Spirit. And I was so nervous
and felt so inadequate to give a training. I don't like speaking
Japanese in front of people. And we had to do a role play lesson. Then
at the end, President Wada (mission President-pictured below) said to
the sister we were role playing to, "How do you feel?" And she broke
down sobbing. "I feel so much love." And I was like, "That was a
really bad role play lesson! I messed up so much!" But then I looked
out and saw everyone watching, and their eyes were tearing up and they
were warm and smiling. President Wada then said, "Sisters are so much
different than Elders. I do not know how you did it, but you did it.
You brought the Spirit. That is what this training was about. Great
job". We asked for criticism, and no one could bring anything
up-because somehow, in our own clumsy way, we invited the Spirit.
Sometimes we invite the Spirit in with out testimonies, but we are so
focused on our imperfections were are not able to feel or recognize

Love you all! This church is real. God is really there.

President Wada and his wife

PS this is my favorite pair of shoes. They are getting really old and
dirty. But I have to say I am proud of them (I also love them so much
I don't want to throw them away)

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