Monday, November 10, 2014

From November 1, 2014

1.  What is a typical dinner that you have at a member's home?

   The member's here are so kind. They always make too much food. On
Sunday we ate with some of our friends, and some of them were members.
We ate everything from pizza to octopus (which is highly underrated.)

2.  Is the weather changing? If so, how?

    The weather changes daily here. Today it is sunny and warm. But
whenever the weather suddenly drastically changes, everyone gets sick.

3.  What was the best street contact you made this week?

     Met someone who was born in Huntington Beach. "About 10 minutes
from the beach," she said. Didn't remember it though. Taught her how
to read the Book of Mormon. Gave her our information. Excited to see
what will happen!

4.  Which lesson did you teach the most this week?

      We taught a lot about Jesus Christ.

5.  What is the most common advertising sign that you see?

      I don't ride the trains much in this area, so I really don't see much.

6.  What is six feet from you right now?

     My beautiful companion :)

7.  Is there any American food you miss the most?

      Had a strawberry milkshake today. I've missed those.

8.  What is your most favorite Japanese drink?

      I love Japanese drinks. But I have to admit, I have fallen in
love with Mugicha-the drink associated with cigarette butts. When I
got sick a few months ago, that was all I craved.

9.  What was the lesson on in Relief Society today?

    On Sunday it was on the Work of Salvation. I bore my testimony on
Family History work.

10.  What is the last song you heard?

     Our ring tone- Amazing Grace

Other than that, this week has been quite good. I am learning a lot
about the Gospel as I learn with my friends-truly seeing what our
relationship with the Savior is like. It is amazing seeing the Gospel
change people. I am seeing it. It is breathtaking.

Sometimes when we are changed by the Gospel (Christ's teachings and
His Atonement) we cannot see it, but other people most certainly can.

The Book of Mormon is truly what makes or breaks a testimony. If
someone reads it, their testimony tends to grow very quickly. If they
don't, it doesn't make that much change.

Love you all! Sorry it is short! Please know that life is meant to be fun!


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