Friday, March 7, 2014

This week was a good one. we had a ward barbecue on Saturday.We  ,met
a lot of peoples' friends and have started on appointments.

The Bishop of my ward is a little eccentric. He loves missionary work
and is very rough on missionaries. But for some reason, he absolutely
loves us. So we will take that.

We met the coolest less active in the world! She has back problems and
is recovering,s o she can't come to church. but she is the most
awesome person in the world. We will try to bring church to her.

I have very little time today. We tried doing some shopping in
Yokohama,  But there are so many stores we kind of exhausted
ourselves and ran out of time.

I have been very tired this past week. I think I am getting sick, and
that makes it a little difficult. Missionary work is rarely easy and
is sometimes full out exhausting. But it is so worth it.Because people
are worth it. And people need to know about God.


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