Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So, first: hi. (I said that this week. We got lost in a station and
were running around. We slowed down to ask her for directions, and I
said, Saisho ni, konnichi wa. She laughed for a long time. It was
So, today is our Zone Leader's last P day in the mission field, so we
are celebrating it! So, I am emailing now in the morning.
 News: I am transferring! Again! We both saw it coming, as H姉妹 is
basically a stud, so she is training someone new. I am going to Takao,
 which is much more country than Yamate. My companion is P姉妹! We
we in the MTC at the same time but in different classes! She is
hilarious! And we are opening. It is a lot of new stuff. But one thing
 H姉妹 taught me was when life come like crazy, you can either
freak out (like I usually do) or just have fun and enjoy the ride. I
will do the latter.
The only crazy thing is that we don't have an apartment wyet. So i
 will be in Yamate until
it gets approved, which should be by Sunday. Which will be
 interesting because we only have two futon and the new girl is coming
on Thursday. Party!
This week...was amazing! Met a lot of new amazing people, and we
taught a lesson to our neighbors upstairs. they have SO much faith! SO
 much! They, like basically all 日本人 here, have no knowledge of God and
are like babies! But they believe God is there and are just so
ready!They accepted the baptismal commitment, soI hope I can come back
for to see them. They are just heroes to me. I would like to be more
like them.
 Um..what else?
I love you! God is real, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday
 Saints is His true and full church just is. Trust me. It is
Love you!

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