Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So, I am supposed to be in my new area called Takao right now. But,
because sometimes Japanese paperwork can be difficult, my new
companion and I will move in on Friday. So I am still partying in
Yamate! Which is nothing to complain about. this area is wonderful,
the people are nice, the Spirit is super strong, and it is sakura
Sakura in English is cherry blossoms. they flowrrs come out only for
 about a week or two every year. And peolple talk about them coming
months in advance and months aftera they are gone. At first I didn't
know why, but now...ohmygosh. I can totally see why people love them!
 One lady who owns a pottery shop near the church describes it as when
the flowers fall from the trees, it is like rain. We are going to a
special park today.
 And by we... I mean THREE of us!!! H姉妹 trainee is P姉妹. She
is SO sweet! J love her. She is honestand bold and has SO much faith!
I believe she is awesome!
So with all of the craziness with people moving in and me almost
moving out and then not...we had a crazy week. We did teach a less
active who was baptized about 10 years ago. She doesn't remember
anything about the church. But, when we taught her and her son, the
Spirit was so strong!! She wants to learn so much!
I am saying goodbye to some of my dear friends and PIs this week. It
 is actually very hard. I hope that I can leave them knowing that they
know that i know that this church is true and because I want them to
be happy, I yearn for them to learn about it and to grow in it.
Actually, I have an onegai (request) for everyone. If you would not
mind praying for one of our investigators. She is actually sick and is
unable to meet with us, and we are worried. We have been praying for
her, but if you have time, if you could pray, that would be good.
Thank you everyone! I love you! This church is real and legit! Keep
being wonderful!
Love you!

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