Friday, April 11, 2014

I am now in Takao!!!! It is a countryside place and is exact opposite
of Yamate. It is a suburb and half of our area is just mountains. (if
you can't find it, try Hajiouji) It is gorgeous.
The ward is amazing. They have so much faith and want to work with us.
The Bishop is probably the happiest person I have ever met. I will
include a picture of when we went to his house yesterday for dinner
 (he is taking the picture, so he isn't in it)
 P Shimai is my new companion. She has been out for as long as I
have. We have both opened areas before, and are stoked to do it again.
Opening an area includes:
Meeting people
Finding friends (which includes people who want to hear why we are
here and why we love God so much)
setting up apartment
creating a map
setting up relationships with the ward
Inviting new friends to teach
and many many many other things. Our Mission President told us, "Yeah,
I had a pretty good laugh thinking about two transfer threes opening
an area." But then he said, "I think the Lord really trusts you."
That is an interesting statement. Because we spend all of our time
trusting in Him. We know enough of the language to scrape by, have
taught lessons with senoir companions before, and have just barely
finished our training from the MTC. So it is to be noted that God is
not putting us here because we are experts or perfect. He is putting
us here because this is HIS work. And as we have a ball these next few
weeks trying the best we can, we know God will help us. Because that
is what He does. As my wise companion says,
"There is a reason why we are here. It is because God wants it done
right. Not because we are special anything like that. It is because we
are young enough to listen and humble enough to do what He says. And
we know we need to trust in Him. And we will do it His way. That is
 really the only choice we have."
I am so excited to be involved in God's work. It is real because He is
real. And as we have wonderful adventures these next few weeks doing
our best, we know God will bless the people here and bless us to
become what He needs us to be. And while we stumble and make mistakes,
we are choosing to have fun through it all!!! It is a blast to be
This church is true. God lives.
You all rock!!! Keep being wonderful!!!
Love you!
Sister Molen

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