Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello world! Happy Easter!

That is an interesting concept, actually. People here do not celebrate
Easter unless they are members of our church. But even if they do not
  recognize it, the whole world is affected by the events of Easter.
Everyone will live again.
My Easter was insane. Actually, it was very unusual. We woke up,
hurried to church to create our form for Mission Correlation Meeting
and then was informed that we were asked to go to Ward Council. So we
went to that, went to ward correlation and learned our ward will go
camping and they want us to come. Then we went to sacrament meeting
with our two friends. One is our friend from Taiwan, who gives the
most honest prayers I have ever heard in my life. The other is a
member's friend who went to a Christian church while she was doing a
homestay in Arizona. Both of them had a great time.
(side note here: I did not realize how big of a part wards play in
missionary work until I became a missionary. Our whole ward has been
dying for sister missionaries for months, apparently. So tgey have
been really supportive. And because we have a college in our area,
half of our ward is Returned Missionaries who still have the mission
fire inside of them. We can feel member's prayers in our work. THIS is
the lesson: after sacrament meeting, members came up, introduced
themselves, acted normal, and wanted to be friends with the new
people. That was it. And our investigators said they feel so
loved.That was it. I feel bad- I could have been better at that kind
of stuff.
That.....and the Bishop was so excited to have new investigators he
had them stand up in sacrament meeting.... but they were cool with it!
:) Okay, side note over)
So after sacrament meeting we LITERALLY RAN to the train station to
catch a train (we made it, bytheway) and traveled for two hours to
P姉妹 old area (which is about 10minutes from mine) to witness
her friend and her two children receive baptism. It was one of the
most beautiful things I have ever seen in the world- they all looked
so happy. We then stayed and talked, then got back on the train for 2
hours, made it home, ate dinner at about 7:30, texted out friends, and
collapsed in our futon.
That was my Easter. It was one of the best Easter's ever- seeing God
working in people's lives. Because He does. And #Because of Him we can
find more happiness than we could EVER find alone. I am not saying
this as a blanket statement-it is by experience that I know. And
everyone else can, too. It is so,so easy.
Happy Easter!!

The rest of the week was pretty wonderful as well. Had a sports night
with members!!! That was super fun. No matter what language people are
screaming...I still suck at volleyball. Saw someone outside watching,
and invited her in. She was super nervous, but then the Ward Mission
Leader came out and coaxed her inside using a cultural mix of "Come on
in" "Oh not, it's okay"s that I still don't know yet. But she had a
great time!!! It just goes to show that Mormons aren't
scary.  In other news, my English is really bad. I find myself speaking in a
mix of Japanese and English all day. So it is a little difficult when
you meet someone who only speaks English.
Bought a plant today. (it's Monday) His name is Geronimo, because
P姉妹 thinks he is going to die. I picked him out because he
looked really sick. But I know that, because we took Him out of the
dollar store and will water him, he will get better.
This turned out very long. But I love you all! Keep being the
wonderful,すばらしい people you are!

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