Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So, when you open an area, work is a little slow. Most of it is
walking, being led by the Spirit, and finding people. But, there are
things called "Opening Miracles". When you open and things tend to
fall into place.
Such it was with this week. we were packing to leave one day when we
get a phone call from our very sweet and sometimes timid District
"Hey, we don't want to bother you, but if you had time, do you think
you want to teach a lesson right now?"
A member from another ward who goes to the college in our area showed
up at the church with her friend. Needless to say we went in the
genkan, said a quick prayer, and rushed out.
And her friend is the sweetest person in the world! She is from
Taiwan, and came here alone. She has such strong faith and loves to
pray. She is very sincere. We have a long road to travel with her, as
she knows nothing, but she is our friend. So we will have fun with
Here are some things about Japan that are now normal to me:

-bowing to older ladies. And older men. and younger people.
-bread shops. Everywhere. Japanese bread paves the streets of Heaven.
-boys wearing traditional button up Japanese jackets to church
-Sakura petals falling around you like snow
-praying in Japanese
-Everyone is super fashionable.
-No one eats in public. Unless you are from Fukuoka
-Being on trains that are so crowded you can't move.
-Not being able to read signs (I will get there one day!)
-Having everyone stare at you. Occasionally when I say konnichi wa on
the street, they gasp. But that is okay. They are all awesome people

I love being a missionary. Nothing is more fun. it is not easy at all,
but there is nothing I would rather be doing right now.
Love you all! Keep at it!
ai shite imasu

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