Friday, May 2, 2014

This letter will be quite short because we spent the morning hiking Mt
Takao- a beautiful mountain that takes up a lot of our area. It was
lovely, and looks like something from a fairy tale. At the top, there
is a beautiful view of Mt Fuji. We had a great time.

This week was good. We are opening this area, which means we are
setting up a foundation for future missionaries to come here. It is an
adventure, but I love it. We hope to be able to meet more people as we
live here and MORE IMPORTANTLY meet who God wants us to meet.
There is a lady who the elders referred the first week  because she
seemed to have interest in religion, but when we got there, we found
out that she was of another faith and just wanted to Bible Bash. After
trying to have a lesson with her, she set another appointment with us.
We responded by giving her a gift and saying we loved her, and if she
needed anything to talk to us. Below is said gift.

We keep meeting people in the coolest ways We just pray, follow what
we are prompted, and find people. Not everyday, but we trust we meet
who we are supposed to.

Missionaries aren't prefect. I taught a very poor lesson to someone
this week. i feel very bad, because she deserved better. But I know
that, S we trust in God, He will help us become better and become who
He wants us to be.
That was about it this week.

I saw a flying Cheeto on Mt Takao (it was a ginormous orange bug)

This church is true, being a missionary is sometimes just living the
Gospel, and Takao has big bugs

Love you!

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