Wednesday, May 7, 2014

 Everything in 高尾 right now is quite good. We received an email telling
us we would both be here for at least another transfer. The weather is
 improving, the bugs are girnourmous, and the people are awesome.
Seriously-they are. The ward here is amazing. On Sunday, we had to do
emergency splits because a Potential investigator needed some help at
the same time we had a lesson with our friend from Taiwan. So, I had
three companions: an 80 year old woman, a returned missionary, and a
27 year old who rode with me on the train. They were all so willing to
help! We told the Bishop, and he quickly got down to business finding
people. I was able to come back in during the last few minutes of the
 lesson, and was able to testify about prayer and baptism. I love my
Taiwanese friend SO much! She is in her 20s and we are so alike! I am
so glad I went on a mission so I could meet her and help her change
her life!
Our other friends are doing well. One friend(while at church) saw a
piano and asked why we had one. We said it was for our Sunday
meetings. She said she remembered going to a church once and liking
the music and how it made her feel. She asked if she could come and
Lately our friends we have been teaching have been asking a lot about
hope And I have been thinking about how I have found hope in my life.
Sometimes it is temporary, quick fix hopes. Hopes I will survive a
test, able to finish a conversation in Japanese, hope I will find
someone's house in these impossible streets. But the hope given by God
is different. It is a hope that is long lasting- a hope that things
will always be okay. Through scriptures, we know the ending of our
stories. And it is a good one. If we following what God tells us, it
will be a fabulous ending. That kind of hope is always in the back of
the mind, lighting all other thoughts and actions, keeping our little
problems in perspective.
Today there was a bird stuck in the church building. We were shocked
to see one when we came in. The thing with animals in Japan is that
 nobody kicks them. Nobody yells outside, or throws things at them- so
 animals aren't scared of people here. (P姉妹 was scared of it,
though) It was obvious it had been trapped in here for a while- it was
so weak and frantic. It kept trying to get out this single window-a
 window that cannot open. We opened every other window in the building
and even the front doors-but this bird wouldn't budge! We tried
everything I was taught in America to get the bird out-and nothing. We
 were frustrated and tired after working at this for a half hour. We
prayed that the bird would calm down enough for us to release it
outside. Then, the option that was so clear from the beginning came
up- "Just pick up the bird." So I go over, pick up the tiny sparrow,
put it in a basket, went out and let it out.
That is how the Gospel works. Not in gimmicks or tricks to get us
outside. Sometimes we think our safe passage is a way that seems good
 but will never get us to our goal outside-locked glass and false
 pretenses. Sometimes we are so focused on the wrong way we don't notice
God or others (who see more and understand than we do) trying to help
us. Sometimes we don't understand. And we need to trust God (Someone
we may barely know) to pick us up and show us the way. It is all our
I am emaling a day late because yesterday our ward went CAMPING!!!
 We went and had an absolute blast- even though the equivalent of
camping here is driving an hour away, renting out a big grass field,
and staying in a huge cabin meant for 40 with beds and full on
bathrooms. But it was fun. We were sitting with our friends when we
got our "transfer call". I told our Taiwanese friend how they worked
and said I would put it on speaker. It came, and I picked up. The ward
around us was too loud, so I could barely hear. I put the phone to my
"Sister Molen?"
"Yup, that's me."
"Are you ready for your transfer call?"
"Well, this decision is from the Lord.After much fasting and prayer,
it has been decided that you are transferring!"
 I paused, and my eyes jumped straight to P姉妹. I laughed. "Is
this a joke?"
The line was quiet for a few seconds. "No. This is revelation from the Lord."
My eyes flickered to my Taiwanese friend, who looked so confused. I
took a breath. "Okay."
"..You are transferring to Kawasaki! You will become senior companion
and your companion is Sister Smith. Do you know her?"
"Uh, yes. She is the sweetest person ever! She was a transfer below me
in the MTC."
 "Okay. Good. Is P姉妹 there?"
I pass the phone over, and she found out she is training.
So, long story short, I am white washing (what that technically means
is the area I am going into is getting a second companionship.So it is
 like opening) I move on Thursday.
I love being a missionary. It is difficult to leave people Iove and to
 move so often, but I know this is what God wants me to do. He sees the
whole picture-even when I don't. I know He knows what is best, and, as
I embark on another adventure, I trust He will be there with me.
This church is legit. God is real. And He wants to talk to us.


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  1. Sister Mari: All of the names in your new area are so familiar. Hope you make it up to Fussa someday. We have been in some of the places near you. Keep up the good work.