Friday, May 23, 2014

Kawasaki! 川崎!

I hope kanji can appear on computers over there. Because it is awesome
and helps describe culture here very well.
Well, this new area is awesome. I love my companion! She is so sweet
and loving! She also has perfect hair, which I would love to have. But
that is for later.

So, as with my other areas, we are finding a lot of people. Because
that is how God works.

I had an interesting experience when i first arrived in this area. My
companion has been in one area up until she transferred to Kawasaki
with me, so she had never opened before. And, as we were planning for
the first time, I said this,"It's okay. We are going to find people. I
can do that. i have done it before, and I can do it again."
Bad idea. What followed was a very difficult time to
find...well..anyone. To talk to anyone. Japanese got harder, talking
got harder, feeling the Spirit got harder. it finally got to the point
where I kneeled down on Friday and prayed-admitting my mistake. There
was NOWAY I was the one who found the people in the last areas, and I
had been too blind to admit it. That was when I realized that we
needed God more than anything. Really, truly honestly.
So the next day I turned it over to the Lord. ans we just listened to
the Spirit. And found a whole lot of people.
Yup, I didn't do that. My companion didn't do that.

Some of my favorite quotes I have been learning in Panasonic color this
past transfer is from Elder Bednar in the MTC:"The best missionaries
get over themselves and out of the way." I would not say I am "best" or
even remotely close- but I find when I focus days on the Lord and what
He wants and get out of the way- we accomplish what God wants us to.

I am trying to do that more and more with each decision.

I love you all!
Ai shite iru

Molen Shimai

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