Friday, May 30, 2014


Today is a little warm in Japan, but that is okay. We know it will
only get hotter from here. Which is crazy to think about, because it
is already so sticky. So I took an investment and got  nine dollar
haircut from one of the elder's investigators. It is now very short,
but that is okay. I am sure I will be in love with it in a few days.

Elder Cook came to speak! It was so cool hearing him give specific
instructions for our mission! He mainly talked about the love God has
for Japan. Which was very cool. Shaking his hand was awesome, but I
found when I did, it was just like shaking a really, really cool
person who has the Spirit's hand. He didn't know me, and I only know a
little bit about him. But then he spoke to all of us like we were best
friends. And I realized that that is the way God works. In very
personal ways in our lives.

We taught a new friend this week! She is from the Philippines, but is
fluent in Japanese and English. She is an awesome friend who wants to
know about God's love. We taught her how to pray.

I am very tall here. Sometimes that still surprises me.

I love all of you! I know I am doing what God wants me to do. And that
is an awesome feeling. If you pray  He can tell you what you need to


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