Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello everyone!!!

Well, since many peopleare not happy with me and my lack of letters
last week, I will try to make up for it.

 So, NOW I reside in the beautiful place of Yamate- which means
mountain hand!!! You can google it if you like. It is where all of the
 Japanese movies are filmed. It is absolutely beautiful and is NEVER
boring. People from all over the world live here and part of out ward
is English speaking.

My companion is...well...awesome! She is the perfect example to me and
 is teaching me so much! We are trying hard to focus on the work and to
 not have too much fun with each other.

Because we are opening this area for sisters, we inherited no people
to teach and knew about 5 people- 4 being elders. But since then, we
have been praying (ichiban taisetsu) and talking with everyone, and we
have made SO many great friends! We love them so much, and because we
do we want to share the Gospel with them. We met two high schoolers
this week who I absolutely love! One has been to a church and is
curious about them and the other wanted to know why we were so happy.
They asked us if we could sing a hymn so we did I am Child of God in
Japanese on one of the busiest intersections in Tokyo. One of them
closed her eyes and had the most peaceful look on her face. Sometimes
people try to complicate the Gospel Jesus Christ and forget the root
of it. And that is peace. And sincere happiness.

When i first gothere, I was so focused on doing everything to the T I forgot
what I was there to share. And God wants us to remember the core of His
Gospel. And I have the privilege of spending all of my time dedicating
myself to that cause.

So I basically love it here. It is most certainly not easy, but it is
 absolutely worth it.

Um..other we found an awkward olace in our area. Our area is
the smallest one in the mission, because there are so many people
here! But we traveled to the other end of our mission (about 10
minutes by train) and came to my new favorite place. Because it was
just strange. Like, the eki started to close on me while getting out
(scariest moment of my life) Hubbard Shimai slipped on the incredibly
small stairs, a family had a personal portapotty in their front yard,
I broke a handrail in a really old apartment building (but we fixed
it),and a lot of very awkward things. But it was hilarious and we
just kept pushing forward. and we found a referral there!

Things may seem awkward at first, but sometimes you just have to plow
through it! わたしの日本語。。。 well, I am trying. I can see how much
the Lord had helped me so far. And i can converse (painfully slow) with people.
But He has helped me so much in learning the fifth hardest language in the world.
And I find that, when my learning Japanese is no longer about me or my
pride but it about helping others and loving them enough to speak
their language, it becomes so much easier.

I love you all! Keep being awesome! God is real :D



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