Monday, February 10, 2014


So, for anyone who is keeping track of Japan, this should come as no
surprise. But to everyone else, we had a massive  blizzard this week!
It was insane! My companion and I couldn't leave the apartment on
Saturday,  but we delivered treat to ours neighbors, who were very
surprised to see us in the Blizzard! Then, (while we were calling
people in our apartment) we received a text from Bishop 山口, who
cancelled church. I didn't know he could do that! Insane, right?
But on Sunday the snow had stopped and, although a lot lf the roads
were undriveable, people could get around by foot. So we made the 40
minute trek to the church. We were actually walking back from a もぎ
lesson with a member who lived close to the church, we stopped to talk
to someone on the street. While we did, a lady walked by and smiled at
us. The conversation ended shortly thereafter and, as we walked away
the lady that passed us earlier yelled for us to stop. We quickly
walked over. Her name is Joyce, and she is from the Philippines. She
is married to a 日本人 and has a nephew on a mission. She then said (in
English) "I was really busy before, but now that I have time, I want to
go to church. And I like the Mormon church best. Can you come by my
house next Sunday and we can walk to church together?" Needless to say
we said yes.

I have met so many wonderful people here in Fujisawa! I am absolutely
in love w ith the members, investigators, and PIs here.
Then, this morning, we got a call from the APs. "Sister Molen,
President Wada went to the Temple and prayed very hard about this
decision. And the Lord has told him that people need you in Yamate.
So you will be opening that area with Sister Hubbard on Thursday."
Well, okay. I suppose that is the life of a missionary. My companion
土田姉妹 will be training Sister Hokanson in Fujisawa. I think they will
work perfectly together. I hate to leave ,y companion, though. She has
taught me so much! I feel bad that i got the best trainer in the
mission, but I am glad I was given that blessing!

It is a very strange thing, a mission. To fall in love with a people
and then be called elsewhere. But I am trusting that the Lord knows
best- He is the one that is helping me, lifting me, and leading me. I
am so glad that i chose to serve a mission. Sometimes it is difficult,
and sometimes it is beautiful. But it is always worth it  and I am so
glad to be here.

I hope all is well with everyone at home! 愛していますよ
Ever onwards,

Smile for the Day:  This is what you do with all that snow :-)

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