Monday, January 19, 2015

Yokosuka, the Land of Dreams

It means flat joy. 横須賀. Cool, right?
I am not exactly what that is
supposed to mean, but I think it is something good.

First, my foot is getting better. Thanks for the concern.

I love it here! I cannot even begin to say how much I miss Machida,
 but these two areas are both polar opposites.
And awesome. I like them a lot.

 My new companion is Sister C. 
She is fiery and ready to work. And is funny.

So, right now we are helping a HUGE Naval Base ward
and a little Japanese Branch.
It is quite busy, but an adventure.

 This week we saw a lot of miracles.
But one thing that stuck out to me
was a miracle we had on the street.
We saw a sweet lady and started up a conversation.
After an intro, we asked her if she wanted to learn
about Jesus. She said yes.
We asked if she wanted to come to our
church now. She said yes.
So we did. And the Spirit was so strong!

I am so grateful for all of the chances
I have had to feel the Spirit.
God really does reach out to everyone.
We just need to want to hear it.

Hope everyone has had a great week Please keep at it.


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