Monday, February 2, 2015

Frantic Happiness

So, week three in the chosen land of Yokosuka!!! I am finding that
there are times when I have no time, but I suppose that is a better
problem to have. We are bouncing around everywhere like crazy! It is a
really good thing and is super fun, but sometimes I wonder if I can
really do this: balance the ward and the branch, finding and teaching,
coming and going, all while trying to be more Christlike. And I
realize; No, I can't. Not alone. But I DO know I can do it will God
and Jesus Christ. And somehow,
They are getting all of the necessary things done.

Here are some quick adventures and thoughts for the week:
So we come home from English class, climb up a bunch of steps, go into
the genkan(apt), and turn on the lights. And..nothing. Flick it again.
Nothing. We tried everything we could and...nothing.It was pitch
black. A few days earlier my companion mentioned how she resented a
little bit how our mission is so safe, so taken care of, and so
pampered. So I blame her for our power going out. And it was so much
fun!! I loved it. It was SO cool!!!!! After lighting a candle and
pulling out our emergency packs, we called the Mission Home, who was
nof as excited as I was. And さすが Mission Home, they were able to call
a very kind man to fix it in the middle of the night. (Mission Home
can do anything). But, as we were sitting there, I realized that this
was an opportunity to be grateful for everything we DID have. Isn't
life interesting? We do not tend to realize our blessing until they
are extinguished. And, amidst all the places we were going, God took
some time to pause us, and remind us of our blessings. It was a great

We had a lesson with a sweet new friend. She knows nothing about
Christianity and told us that she was scared of it when she was in
school. She said she thought people are forced to join, and when you
enter a church building they rob you. o.0 She then said when she met
us on the street we did not seem to be those kinds of people, but
seemed very friendly and respected people's agency. She said that
because she had a good feeling, she figured she would decide to find
out a little more. We told her that we most definitely respected her
agency, and would NOT make her join, but teach her how to find out for
herself if it is true. She likes that.

One miracle: We went bowling on Base last P day with the kindest
couple I have ever met. And, afterward we headed over quickly to the
McDonalds nearby so we could hurry to go out and work. To our surprise
we walked in and saw a church member from the branch! We then took a
few more steps and met a friend who drops by church! We set up a table
and were able to get to know them better and teach them. Miracle in

Will tell you more next week. And the beginning of this post, I said,
"necessary things". And I love being a missionary-because those
"things" involve serving God and serving others. And, even though
sometimes the days are long, or the Japanese is difficult to
understand, I am so glad I have the privilege to act in the place of
Christ. I hope to be a better person so that I can help these people
the best I can.

Hope everyone had a great week! Would love to hear about it!


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