Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dramatic One.........

Hope you all are doing well. A lot has happened this week. But I would
like to share one story on here.

So, we had our Sisters' Conference! Our area is
near the very bottom of our mission, and, because we had never made
the trip together before, we got VERY lost. But that is okay.

Because there was one train that usually goes straight to the mission
home. You take it from the Yokohama train station, which is in my old
area, Yamate. It was the morning, so the train was very packed, It was
actually one of the most packed I had ever been in! The pushers had a
really hard time closing the doors. And I watched as a 45 year old or
so man got on the steam of people, and he made eye contact with me. He
gave me a look, and I felt a little uncomfortable. As of late, we had
some men approaching us, and we had to explain to them we don't date as
missionaries. It turns our the man got pushed right behind me. I heard
him rustling after a few minutes, and then felt a tap on my shoulder.
I awkwardly half turned around to see him holding my zone leader's
business card. He then said, "I met you on this train one year ago."

Needless to say, I was confused.
He continued, sheepishly. "One year ago, you and your companion were
on this train, You gave me an English flier. I chased you down the

All of a sudden, it all clicked. I remembered! We were talking to a
woman who had no interest in our message, or even in our English
class. And a man chased us down and asked for a flier for English
Class and church.

I got very excited! "hey, nice to see you again! have you been coming
to church?"
he replied that he went to class quite a few times, but had recently
gotten busy. He said he had not seriously studied with the
missionaries, but thought it was a good idea to start.

I found myself on the same train with the same son of God- twice.
Expect now, I was more experienced than when I was a new missionary in
Yamate. and I can say a lot more now.  I was able to testify to
him about church boldly, and invite him to meet with the missionaries
again. he is now working that out with the elders he was in contact

I am so grateful for second chances. I feel very privileged that
through being lost on a bunch of trains, we were able to invite
someone again to hear the Gospel.

Heavenly Father is truly aware of each sparrow. And, as the Savior
Himself says, "You are worth so much more than Sparrows".(Matthew 10:31)

I am glad God is looking out for this man.

Hope you all have been able go find the miracles amidst things going
hayware in your lives.

You are all amazing. Would love to hear from you.


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