Monday, May 11, 2015

This is an excerpt from an email that Sister Molen sent to her mom.  We think this is a wonderful way to represent her love for the people of Japan that she has.

It is hard to describe the condition of the hearts of the people in
Japan. Imagine living a life with no purpose, no end result, no real
motivation. They have instilled in their hearts so deeply the light of
Christ and they do not know it. The greatest hope that I have is that
God has made it this way for reasons. I think it is because if
they had a Christian background as soon as they were born they would
be taken up into heaven pretty quickly. So their big struggle in
life is not having Christianity. I think Satan works really hard on
them because he knows how good they can be. The good thing is that the
members in Japan are amazing. And God is with us.

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