Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone in America had an absolutely
wonderful Easter :-) as for Japan… Well… They don't really celebrate
Easter here.
Which is sad.
But, it is a great opportunity for us to
talk to people about Jesus Christ :-) understand who he is or what he
did, so was a really easy way to bring up who Jesus Christ.
After all,
he is the center of our message.
Which reminds me if anyone has not
seen that because he lives video, I would give it 10 stars :-) and
anyone who is watch movies with me knows that that is a really big

This week we learned a lot about doing service.
When Christ was on the
earth He performed service.… When you think about it, actually,
Jesus Christ whole life was all about serving other people.
Even after his friend John the Baptist died and
he went to a mountain alone pray and
to mourn, He decided to look outward and serve other people.
We've had the privilege of serving a lot
people this last week.

And, two hours ago I got my last transfer call.
It is the second time in my mission where I will have a companion
for more than one transfer :-) :-) :-)
I'm excited to be with Sister M as I try my best to
finish up the work the work of the Lord wants me to do here in Japan.
I'm excited to continue working on Yokosuka in to help the friends I
have here.

That is it for this week! Sorry that this email is a little record, I
will make it up the pictures :-)
I know that this church is true.
It is so good and so beautiful to know that God lives.
And I wanteveryone to know that for themselves.

Ai shite iru yo!

Easter Activity She is right here       ^^^^^^^

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