Sunday, March 8, 2015


Konnichi wa minasan

As the title of this email states, this week has been quite intense. A
lot of ups and downs, but I figure that is life. :)
For all those wondering, out dear friend Evelyn, is doing great. She
has received such a glow. And it keeps growing! there is an innate
strength in her and a fire within her. And, because she is quiet some
of the time, people might not see it initially. But it is amazing and
beautiful. I think of all the quiet people in my life that I have not
taken a lot of time to know. I think I should slow down more.

In other news, my companion, Sister C, left me. She is off to new
adventures in a place called Yamato. But my new companion is Sister
M. We knew each other in th MTC, and she is so awesome! People here
think we look a lot alike.

We have been running around like crazy this week, letting Sister C
say Goodbye and introducing Sister M (I don't know about
"introducing" her to too much, This was her first area, so she has
come in hitting the ground running)

We have a friend who is studying with us. And we have not known how
involved she has been in really wanting to know for herself whether or
not this message is true. And we were sitting with her talking about
the Book of Mormon. It went a little something like this:

Us: Do you understand this passage?
Her: Yes.... actually, this book is super easy to read.
Us: (I have NEVER heard that. It is written in old Japanese and
English) Wait, what?
Her: Yeah, this is super easy to read. And I don't know why.
Us:...yeah, it IS easy to read! (because it is easy for us)
Her: I don't get it, but whenever we are talking about this I have this
懐かしい feeling.

懐かしい-threw in a Japanese word there. Google translate doesn't do it
justice. No dictionary really does. Natsukashii is like that feeling
you have when you think of your childhood. Like a familiar feeling of
something that you have been missing.

When she said that, I felt so much joy inside me. "Yes. That's normal.
There is a reason." We then gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and
told her we would talk about it.

THEN fast forward a few days. We get a text from our SAME friend,
saying she doesn't want to meet with us anymore. Out of the blue. We
call her and followed the Spirit like crazy. Turns out she decided to
start doing some research because she DOES want to know for
herself...and stumbled onto a Japanese website with lies about our
church (*sigh* do people not have better things to do than put lies on
the internet) We told her those were not true, and after a very long
phone call, were able to set another appointment with her. Rest assured
we will be bringing pamphlets, and try to get a member there to tell
her what our church is REALLY like.

This whole story is supposed to amount to something. And I will quote
something our Relief Society teacher said yesterday, "It is very easy
to find a voice to confirm your thoughts, good or bad. You will always
find voices for both. But the most important thing to do is to go to
the only source you know will not lead you astray. And that is the

We all have affiliations with the darkness and light in this world. I
have helped many people as they have tried to learn for themselves. No
matter where we are, there will always be those two. But we decide
where we choose to stand.

Hope everyone had a great week.
 Love you all, and cannot wait to hear from you.


Me and Sister C on our last day

Birthday party for a member!

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