Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I like to blabber, so...

SO I am creating a Mormon.org profile because, frankly, it's awesome. Yes, the Internet is a big void of millions screeching out their over inflated opinions, anger, and funny pictures in hopes that some stranger will take notice of their existence. However, amongst all of the desperate voices searching for validation or acceptance, here is this wonderful, introspective opportunity to add some good to the Internet! Somewhere you can put your beliefs and experiences, without trying to sell them to people or to gain acceptance.

  So, here is my recommendation: if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and have not made a Mormon.org profile, spent ten minutes and make one. You are already connected to the Internet right now, right? So worth it. The experience makes you think about why you are a member of the Church and just... awesome. So do it.

  And if you are NOT a member, then you can read mine. (if you don't , it's cool) Or (a fun thing) is you KNOW any other Mormons (which you probably do), then search their name and you can totally freak them out by knowing all this stuff about them the next time you talk! Bwahhaahahahaha!

  Why do I find creeping out people fun?

   Anyway, back to where I started. So, I was creating a Mormon.org profile, and one of the questions is, "How do you live your faith?" And below it, it had a character counter of 1500. I pompously laughed at the computer and said, (in my head, because apparently talking to inanimate objects is frowned upon.) "Computer, there is no way I am going to use half of those, let alone 1500."

   Well, I kinda went on a tangent. And then a bigger one, until, finally, I... well, I don;t think I even answered the question correctly. And I sat there looking at 1889 characters and the Computer laughing at me. Let's be honest: 1889 characters is really not that long.

   Did you know I like to talk a lot? I did not. I thought I was being concise.

   So, I decided to post it on here. It is my obnoxious, blunt explanation of Faith- a principle a lot of people don't believe is necessary nowadays. But I am adding it, nonetheless. It's very straightforward and (if you have ever wondered about how my head works) here is one cog. You can read it if you like. If not, that's cool, too. Just another  way for me to add goodness and optimism to the Internet.

"I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There have been points where I have doubted and questioned. (I am a logical being, and I like questions). I LOVE asking stuff and knowing "why"s. And I have found that my Heavenly Father loves questions, too. And He loves answering questions.
    I live my faith by reading scripture (both the Bible, Book of Mormon, and modern day Scriptures). I come with questions; on how I can be better, how I can help others, or just classic "whys". I pray and talk to God about my feelings. I believe that He answers me. He answers as I get up and try my best to live His words and see like His Son, Jesus Christ, lived.
   Do I always get my answers right away? No. Can you imagine a relationship like that?! Imagine if you wanted a Ferrari and you received one in less than a second. Then a house in Paris. Then a mansion in L.A. And so on and so forth.
   Then God becomes like a butler who is on call and only to gratify automatic want. Like I said when I started: God is our loving Heavenly Father. An actual being who is the Father of our Spirits who wants what is best for us. And (coming from a Child Psychology Major), that is not by instant gratification.
   You have to have trust and confidence in this person. You have to walk with and by faith, trusting that He will answer you. And He does. Trust me on that one.
   Have I received all the answers to my questions? No, because my life isn't over. I believe some of my answers cannot be answered until the next life. But, because my answers have been answered in the past, I believe they will be answered in the future. And (just between you and me) I have found the best answers to have come when they have marinated in my mind, and, over time, I have seen the answers several times around me through people's actions or  I have read the principles in several scriptures."

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