Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lists and more lists (42 days)

Whoa, it has been a while since I've updated ya'll. Well, let me start by saying I am SO STOKED to go!!! The shock has been gone for a while. And now I feel kind of useless- I will have to leave my job in a few weeks and everything around me seems to be moving in slow motion. 

There is a saying that I found while cleaning (it doesn't look like it, but I tried) my room. It was a handout from Young Women's with a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on it. In scrolly cursive it reads: "There is no time to wait- only time to prepare".

Who said it? I have no idea. Why did they say it? I don't know. But it is so true! And I am trying to make it my mantra.

So, here is a list of what I am doing to prepare (accidental or purposeful):

-I am reading the Book of Mormon backwards
         Oh, I wish I could see your face. When I tell people, they pause for a few seconds and go " verse?" Nope. By chapter. I will not be ashamed- I have read the Book of Mormon from front to back quite a few times :) [I recommend everyone to do it!!! Your face will be blown off in amazement and awesomeness] However, I wanted to get a new perspective on the pride cycle. [I hate to ruin this for anybody but... the Nephitews drive themselevs to extinction.] I want to see how they got there by studying effect-cause. It is not the easiest thing and makes little sense when doing discourses- except you realize the importance of the order of things. 
          In order to finish this goal, I get to read 10 pages a day. It'll be sweet!

-I am thrift shopping like a maniac
         I am bringing 18 months worth of clothes with me because... frankly... I'm 5'10". And nothing will fit me in Japan (it even recommends it n my paperwork....along with 18 months worth of toiletries, which I refuse to even think about at this point) So, basically, I have a big pile of clothes in my room that don't match. I am hoping to not go super matchy matchy.

-I really want to watch T.V.
        I know, I won't shut up about this. But I have LEARNED something! Watching television is one of my coping mechanisms! When I get nervous, or stressed, or worried, I watch a show for a few hours and escape into a humorous and false storyline. But real life doesn't work that way. You have to face things, or you'll end up living a half-life, blaming time for going too quickly.

                                                  -My hair is short
                                              And I LOVE it! People should do it more

-I am finishing Preach My Gospel
      You teach people from Preach My Gospel on your second day in the Missionary Training Center. In your mission language. Enough said.

-I am learning about Jesus Christ
       I have a beautiful blessing. I am positive every missionary has the joy of being able to teach Christianity from its inception at least once, but I get to do it hundred upon thousands of time.
       People these days tend to disregard, degrade, and forget the name of Jesus Christ and its meaning. But when you read the Bible (and especially the Book of Mormon) you recognize that He is a person, not a hypothetical. A symbol, yes, but a glorious man in a "tabernacle of clay" (one of my favorite descriptions) who lives now and wants to help us. And you, Yes, you- the person reading this. And I have known Him from simple reading, seminary classes, and prayers. And the thought of Christ is what converted me from the beginning.  But I have the joy of studying Him in depth &                                              starting from the beginning of faith with people. I am beyond excited at this                                                  prospect.

-I am stalking people on the Internet
      Have you ever googled your mission? I have, and there are quite a few blogs of unsuspecting missionaries posting about their lives. (Little do I know I am totally creeping their every post, trying to find cultural and spiritual significance) Because I am being so scary, I would not be surprised if someone stumbles upon this one as well (Hello, future missionary!)
-I have become insanely lazy
      This one is obviously accidental. I find I have little motivation for anything. Which, you know, would be fine, if I wasn't going to have 15 hour days of doing one oft he most important jobs ever! I know I shouldn't beat myself up, because I am trying not to give in- nay, I am refusing to do so. It is just a little scary to me.
     But I know why I am going. And for Whom I am going for. And what people I am going to teach. And those thoughts themselves tend to motivate me. :)

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