Saturday, October 26, 2013


At my "Open House" (I tried not to call it one, because I heard a rumor we aren't supposed to anymore?) I practically forced everyone to leave with an origami butterfly!


(I didn't make these. But they are the same style) 

Well, I made each of them. And I made a terribly awful lot. To be honest, I didn't realize how many I had made until I looked over and there was a huge pile. 

They remind me of the Gospel. In origami, you follow a very specific set of rules, and the results are always the same! The same is true for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you keep the commandments, you will have His Spirit with you. Always. 

The second, and more poignant reason, for me occurred when I was trying to complete the pattern from memory. I found myself practicing when anxious, sad, or nervous about anything regarding preparing to serve. Do you know what came out of all those feelings and situations? A delicate little butterfly. I suppose I could have crushed the paper and been angry. I could have run away and flung myself on my bed. But I didn't. I made butterflies.Even if some of them didn't look the exact way I wanted, I tried my best. And I chose to make butterflies.

They are a constant reminder to me that, even in a difficult situation, something beautiful can come out of it. It only depends on what you decide to do. To make butterflies or to crush the paper. It's a choice.

I am so excited to serve! It is only six FIVE days left and I feel absolutely unprepared. I don't think I would ever feel truly prepared, but I want to get close. 

Need to do:
Get toothpaste (enough for a year and a half)
Get gloves
Write farewell talk for tomorrow (heh heh, I mean, I totally already wrote that...)
Learn Japanese (lols totes)
Pray. A lot.

And many other adventures. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to go serve. As insignificant as I feel, I believe I have been called to go by Priesthood Authority. So I'll trust that fact that, maybe, I'll be able to do a good job. That's my hope. :)

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