Saturday, October 26, 2013

Expect a Miracle?

I fretted over the title of this blog, biting figurative fingernails (if I had any left!), and tearing out my hair (I have plenty of that, don't you worry. It'll be a 'fro in Japan) And, in the end, I recalled a sticker that has to be from the 70's I saw in the Family History Center of my church almost a year ago.

I was sleepy eyed and grumpy, helping to clean the church building one morning. Amidst missing breakfast and picking up moldy cheerios, I was not sure if I was in the best mood possible. I was wallowing, moping about some things that morning. Naturally, that turned into whining about bigger things. And, like it always occurs with everyone, it turned against myself. Feeling overwhelmed from everything and thinking life was impossible. That I would never get better and become a person I wanted to be.

Then, vacuuming that commercial grade carpet with a vacuum older than me, I looked up in the morning light and saw an old, cracked sticker stuck on a file cabinet. It was old writing (lots of serifs) and looked like it had been there so long it had worn itself into the metal.

Expect a miracle. 

Like most things I end up loving, that comment bugged me. "Expect" a miracle? Isn't that a little snarky? 

Then, that morning began to improve when the words on that sticker bounced around in my head. 

"Expect" is a whole new level of faith: not only do you know God is there and He give His children miracles, but you understand that when He asks you something, He will give you the means to do it. (1st Nephi 3:7: I will go and do the things which the Lord has commanded me, for I know the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save He shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the thing which He hath commanded them") 

"Expect" is an action word. When someone is "expecting" a child, do they continue living their lives like they had a month ago? No! They change things in their lives: they eat different food, try to stop bad habits, change their house, and adjust their lifestyle- all for "expecting" a little baby to arrive.

"Expect" is saturated with surety: If you are doing family history work or being sent halfway around the world, if it was by the word of the Lord, you can expect miracles. It may not the be the ones you anticipated or at the time wanted, but it'll be what you need. It is in that absolute trust that you will receive what the Lord knows you need that things go well.

So I am expecting miracles. Hence, the title of the blog.

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