Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Treasured Experiences

I wish I had a little box. One of those old Victorian ones that are really intricate and delicate. One that I could take with me everywhere. And, whenever i had an experience (good or bad) I'd open it and hide it away in there. So that, when I see you, I could open it and have you see all of the great and marvelous things that have happened. Every emotion. Everything. So that you would know exactly what a mission is like. 
But, I trust, that hopefully words will be enough (grrr. I want maho! [magic]) But until unicorns are proven real and experience boxes are found, I will just have to write the best I can.
Which kinda stinks.


Last week, the Nihonjin left the MTC for Japan. They were only here for two weeks, but considering that they know Japanese pretty well, it doesn't surprise me. Last Sunday during study hour we heard them singing. So, Iordacheschu Choro (the Doctor Who lover) got this awesome idea to go over to them and ask how to sing the mystery song in the Nihongo hymn book (I had such a pretty dream, Mama) But when we walked in with with our hymnbooks, they automatically assumed the best and told us the next hymn were were going to sing. So we sang with them in Nohingo for the next hour. It was by far one of the coolest experiences ever! Then one of them said, "We should do the EFY medley!" And I totally understood her! (Just kidding on that one. It took us five minutes of our kindergarten Nihongo and their 3rd grade Eigo to figure out what we would do. Gestures and humming were involved. We should have done interpretive dance!) But when we did it (1/2 in Eigo, 1/2 Nihongo) the Spirit was SO strong. It was like a wave of something came into the room and everyone started to tear up. We couldn't explain it (much less to one another) but we all felt it! It was beautiful!

On Sunday, we had Mary Ellen Edmunds speak. You know, no big deal. I just freaked out. Dansie Shimai was very nice. And then she heard her speak. And now she's in love with her, too. (If you don't know Mary Ellen Edmunds, look her up. She's hilarious)  That we needed to be nice to each other at all times. She also spoke about her mission and how she chose to be happy! It was just- Agh! Phenomenal. It really helped me get through the week.

And we got more teachers! They are all students at BYU.  We got Clark Shimai (Sister Shimai!) Which means,  not ONLY do we have another female in the room (yoshu!)  but we also get hugs from one of our teachers! When you're on a mission (to avoid awkwardness) you only hug those of your same gender. So when our other sensei go around the room they give the chorotachi monster hugs and slap their back and hit their face and weird choro-bonding stuff. And when they got to us- BOOM. Handshake. So now we get hugs in class. It is good. :D

On Wednesday we hosted for the first time. That means we help brand new senkyoshi when they arrive at the MTC. It was really awesome to help out my akachan! (I call them that, because, frankly, they are super cute) So that was awesome. It was also interesting to see how much I have grown since first arriving here. I still know very little Nihongo, but I am understanding it more.  I will host again this week as well!

So, during one of our lessons, we asked our investigator how he liked reading D&C 121. He then paused and asked us "Why Josefu Sumisu was in Liberty Jail?"
Well... I know how to say he's a prophet, that Heavenly Father called him, and how to say dinner, but I literally knew NO TANGO to say, "Well, he was treated unfairly and was persecuted because he was a prophet of God. Even now the government has issued apologies for the way members of our church were treated back in the 1800's." (If you would like more information about this fact. Watch the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie on It may make you cry)

I am trying to read the Morumon Sho in Japanese. I love that book so much. Like, seriously. It answers every question. In the world. I dare you. That;'s right. I dare you to come up with a question and then find the answer in the Book of Mormon. I testify it is there. I know it. It is amazing and heart stopping and peaces confirming. It has helped me with doctrinal questions, with learning Japanese (reading it in English and Nihongo, of course), feeling sad, being frustrated, or even being homesick. It helps with the most poiganant of joys and the most dire of circumstances. Read it when happy, you get happier. Read it when sad, you feel comforted. I purchased a tiny one and take it with me everywhere. It is so cool! Seriously. Morumon Sho. Tell your friends.

Okay, Morumon Sho rant over (Well, not really. That could have been this whole post, but I am out of time)

The Lord loves everyone. Seriously. That means He loves you. So stop beating yourself up and talk to Him! He wants to hear from everyone- even someone as imperfect as me. I can say that this is His church, because it is. It makes sense in my atama and my kokoro. It is real. And it can make anyone happy.

Okay, off I go. Attempting to learn Japanese and praying my face off as I do it. But the Lord will help me. Hopefully, we won't accidentally share the wrong scripture. :D

Ever Onwards,
Molen Shimai

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