Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello everyone! ( Konnichiwa, mina san!)

I hope no one in California is freezing in 50 degree weather. As for me.... On Tuesday morning we woke up, shoved out feet in some shoes, and went outside into FALLING SNOW! My trudge turned into a frolick, while Dansie Shimai's trudge remained a trudge. She says snow is pretty, but she doesn't like to ice or cold. Daijobu- she's nice enough to let me have my fun!
The only downside is that I am cold. All the time. Last gnithI was feeling quite icky and went back to the apato early (worst thing in the world- I didn't like the feeling) But after a full 9 hours of sleep, I am feeling better now :) 
And, yes, I saw Sister Metzger and Elder Gomez. It was for about 3 seconds on their first day, but both of them looked so pumped and excited it made me want to do so much better! Both of them looked super stoked! Hopefully I will see them again before they depart.
Japanese update: WE GOT OUR NAMETAGGGGSSSSSSSSS!!!! We are highly encouraged not to wear them at the MTC (I barley know what it says- how can I expected others to know?) But that doesn't stop me from holding ti and giggling like an idiot (I have now shame, ebacsue frankly, it is that awesome) My Japanese name is Moren, which was expected. "Mo" means "seaweed" and "ren" s a ream of paper. Or it could be "More-n" which is a lake with embarrassing left over "n". I am so happy- except for Dansie Shimai's name- Danshii. It means "man." But she will write in to try to get ti changed. Our names are not actually translated into words, but they do kind of sound like them,. Which makes me feel bad for Bennion Chōrō, who's name sounds like "Four toilets".
It is insane to think that we will be going to Japan very soon. I don't feel very prepared. My brother Stephen said there is a point in the MTC where you get comfortable there, and I have hit it. At this point,  I really really really really really really to teach the people of Japan about how they can be happy- Just as long as they come to the MTC.  And if they spoke 1/2 Eigo. Yet, if we are comfortable, no growth ever happens. And the Lord needs me in Japan. So, even though the first little bit may be uncomfortable, it will be SO worth it!
Looking back, I have learned so much. I do not know an awful lot, but it is a far cry form the first day when I stared at  my first teacher and thought, "I wonder if he is speaking real words..." Now I can basically understand my teachers- if they speak slow and pull from my bank of 200 words. 
Which reminds me: I had a creepy thought. Sometimes I forget that my teachers have access to the outside world- therefore, the Internet. So, if any of them have found this blog: HI! I love you! ....This is kinda weird, but you are awesome.....
Okay, that strange moment over. 
Funny story of the day: we have an investigator named Nagashimada. So, we can either call her, Nagashimadashimai or Nagashimadasan. The downside is, during our lesson on Monday, I kept calling her Nagashimadasanshimaisan. She was very nice about it, though. And ti sounds like a rap.
I love it here so much! At the MTC, I have never been more humbled in my whole life. But I have never felt the strength of God more in my life. I know that God wants me in Japan to help certain people. Lean ring the language is only part of the process. And refining me is part of the
(And another happy Birthday to Josef)

ai shite masu!
Moren Shimai

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