Friday, June 13, 2014

雨! Ame! Rain!

So, as from now on, I will be using Facebook to help those I am
working with. I am very excited to be able to contact people in new
ways, but I am also a little nervous.

An awful lot happened this week. God has led us to a lot of people.
Something I've learned this week is love. I work in a lot of details.
Sometimes I get lost in them. but the truth of the matter is that
missionary work is all about love. Love for God, love for your
companion, love for the people you serve. It is not about deadlines or
planning-although those are tools to help people. it is really all
about caring. And sometimes being persistent while caring for people.
Sometimes it scares them.

Yesterday we had quite an experience. We went to visit a sister in the
work who, because of work, has  not been out to church lately I
remember asking Smith 姉妹 if she thought it would rain still. It was
perfectly sunny! What a dumb question! I said if half joking.
Well, leaving her apartment, 30 minutes by bike from our apartment at
night, you'll never guess what happened. Yes. it was soft at first,
then steadily got heavier and heavier until we were being pelted. My
mascara was running everywhere, we had to go slower, and puddles were
splashing us everywhere!!!! It could have gone two ways-we could be
upset about it, or enjoy it. So we had fun! We enjoyed the rain! I
remember once stopping, looking at a man and saying with a huge smile
on my face いい天気ですね?

Our lives are really all about attitude. Attitudes of cheerfulness or
gloom, faith or fear, trust or doubt. And when we choose to react
positively, we can see the Lord more fully in our lives.

Love you all! Would love to hear from you!

This church is legit. God listens to everyone. And He can help out
with anything.


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