Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This week while training one of the COOLEST PEOPLE OF ALL TIME (yes,
Sister R is amazing) I came across the story of Samuel Smith, the
first Mormon missionary after the church was restored.
He went on many missions,but on his first mission he saw absolutely no
baptisms. True story. Passed out two Book of Mormons. Saw a two people
who liked the Book of Mormon. that was it.
 And when saying this while training, I found myself asking, "What
would have happened if he quit? What if he just gave up on the whole
mission thing?" But he didn't. He kept going.
 And because of his first trip, those two people with the Book of
Mormons told their friends, one of who was named Brigham Young, who
later became the prophet.

Now baptisms and numbers are not measures of success, but being
 determined is. And he went back out and was blessed to see God change
hundreds of lives.

Our weeks started out a little hard. But we did not give up. And then,
 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were just filled with seeing
our friends lives change.
And we saw that because we kept going. We kept trying.

That is the message I want to share with everyone.
The Book of Mormon is a life changer and a life saver.

I love you all!

PS Thus was from and activity this week we had with kids in the community

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