Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's HOT!!!!!

No seriously. It's hot.
I was entirely unaware that places in this world could be so hot.

From: July 14, 2014

Japan is hot.
And it is only going to get hotter
I am learning the steady art of drinking water throughout the day.
because I fins that, if I drink a lot of water in the morning or at
night, and none during the day, it is almost impossible to work. But
if I do a little bit at a time (少しずつ) I thrive during the day.

Something I am learning.
My companion is amazing. She refuses to get down about things. She is
a great example to me. She is also great at whistling.
I was a little under the weather earlier this week, but now I am
feeling better. :D

God is helping the people of Japan. I can see it. and when people read
the Book or Mormon, their lives change. I know it, and I trust that
 God will continue to help my friends.
God is guiding a lot of people to His church. I am glad to see it
helping my friends.

If you believe in prayer (and I sincerely hope you do-because it is
AWESOME :D) please pray for the people in Kawasaki. They are so
strong, and such wonderful people. Whether or not they are ready to go
to church, I am so grateful to them. If you could, that would be

Well, out to the cold weather. Ha. Not cold.

However, 愛しています

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